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Allison Stokke: From Pole-Vaulting Champion to Fitness Model and Rickie Fowler’s Girlfriend

Know about Allison Stokke, the track-and-fielder turned fitness model who caught the internet’s attention. Now, she’s PGA golfer Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend.

Allison Stokke: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Let’s talk about Rickie Fowler, the golf prodigy who’s got it all: talent, charm, and a sense of humor that could make even the most stoic person crack a smile. But what really sets him apart from the rest of the pack? His girlfriend, Allison Stokke, of course! This track-and-field star and fitness model is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the field.

Now, you might be thinking, “Allison who?” But trust us, this girl has been making waves for over a decade. It all started when she was just 17 years old and already a pole-vaulting champion. Pictures of her went viral, and one sports journalist even made a cringe-worthy comment about how “sexy” she looked. Ugh, gross.

But Allison didn’t let that stop her. She continued to dominate in her sport, racking up awards and recognition left and right. And when she wasn’t busy breaking records, she was busy breaking down stereotypes. She made videos educating people about pole-vaulting and showing them that women athletes are more than just their looks.

Of course, that didn’t stop people from obsessing over her beauty. But instead of shying away from the spotlight, Allison embraced it. She became a sports model for big-name brands like Nike and Athleta, proving that she’s more than just a pretty face.

And then, in 2017, she met Rickie Fowler. The two hit it off, and a year later, they announced their engagement. So, what’s the moral of the story? Allison Stokke is a badass athlete who deserves to be recognized for her talent, not just her looks. And if you’re lucky enough to date her, well, you must be doing something right.


Who is Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend?  

Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend is Allison Stokke. Although Allison is indeed a beautiful woman, she would be more delighted if she were known more for her athletic skills that primarily involve pole vaulting. She had most of her stints as a pole vaulter when she was a student-athlete at the University of California. What catapulted the athlete to fame were sultry pictures of her in action in pole-vaulting competitions. Allison felt objectified at that time, and she said that she was overwhelmed not just by the attention but by how people fought over what her pictures meant and suggested about women athletes.

Allison is the girlfriend of one of the funniest and loveable golfers on the PGA tour. She is Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend. Their relationship became public after Rickie broke up with his former girlfriend, Alexis Randock. Rickie’s newfound relationship with Allison was finally confirmed when another famous golfer, Jason Day, announced to the public that Rickie was absent in one event because he was with his girlfriend, which was no less than Allison herself. For a time, Rickie Fowler made fun of how he stayed single for some time. However, these days, Rickie is quite serious about love as he is now engaged to Allison. There was also a time when Allison caddied for Rickie in one of his pro games in the circuit. Indeed, things are going well for this athletic couple.

Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke enjoying a glass of wine.


Celebrity Name

The athlete’s complete name is Allison Rebecca Stokke.

Is Allison Stokke married or single?

Allison is now married to golfer Rickie Fowler. They got married on October 5, 2019.

Allison Stokke and Rickie Fowler got married on the beach



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10.5.19….and it just keeps getting better!🍾🥂

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How much is Allison Stokke’s net worth?

Sources claim that Allison has a net worth of $500,000. However, this figure may be quite far from what she actually earns since she has many brand endorsements for Nike, Uniqlo, and Gap. Her per-day earning for a shoot costs around $15,000. Her fiancé, Rickie Fowler has a good net worth of $20 million, most of which he earned touring the world playing golf.

How many kids does Allison Stokke have?

Allison Stokke does not have any children.


When was Allison Stokke born?

Allison Stokke is born on March 22, 1989. She is now 35 years old.

What is the height and weight of Allison Stokke?

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches, she weighs 115 pounds, perfect for a pole-vaulting athlete.

Allison Stokke featured on GoPro: “Two Roads”

Where does Allison Stokke come from?

Allison Stokke was born in Newport, Beach in California. She is American.

Why did Rickie Fowler break up with his girlfriend?

Before Allison Stokke, Rickie Fowler was with Alexis Randock. The two dated from 2014 up to their alleged break up in 2016. According to many sources, it was Rickie who broke up with Alexis Randock. As to the reason and as to when people could only speculate based on what Rickie and Alexis posted. Since Rickie was fond of posting stuff about him and his girlfriend, Alexis, when this ceased to continue, the guess was they broke up already. Moreover, there was news that Rickie was off flirting with another woman – a particular The Bachelor contestant. As to the veracity of this report, it is difficult to ascertain.

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