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Scott Hoying: The Global Success of Pentatonix and More!

His music, love life and the tattoos that mark his milestones

Scott Hoying from Pentatonix

Scott Hoying is one of the vocalists and original members of the pop group, Pentatonix (PTX). He is a singer-songwriter and pianist.

Born as Scott Richard Hoying, the artist was brought to this world on September 17, 1991. Growing up with his sister and parents in Arlington, Texas, Scott was already performing at the young age of 8. He attended and graduated in 2010 from Martin High School. Moving forward, he enrolled at the University of Southern California. Here, the soon-to-be PTX musician joined SoCal VoCals as a baritone vocalist. SoCal VoCals is known for being a skilled A Cappella group on campus. Joining the group was one of the highlights of Scott’s life as it taught him to be more confident in performing.


When Scott found out about auditions happening for the 3rd season of the reality show The Sing-Off, he knew he had to try in order to pursue his dream of being at the top of the music industry. He invited his childhood friend Kristin Maldonado and Mitchell Grassi to audition with him as an a cappella band. Avi Caplan and Kevin Olusola joined as they decided that they needed two more members to form the group. The rest was history.

Today, Pentatonix has toured around the world and performed at many sold-out shows.

How many tattoos does Scott Hoying have?

Scott has a tattoo sleeve on his bicep. So far, he has over 5 tattoos and counting.

Where does Scott Hoying live?

According to his official Twitter account, he is currently living in Los Angeles.

What nationality is Scott Hoying?

Scott is an American to the core.

How tall is Scott Hoying? What is his weight?

Scott is tall at 6 feet 3 inches! He weighs at 201lbs.


Is Scott Hoying married or single?

Scott is known to be openly gay. There are several rumors that he and his long-time friend and Pentatonix member, Mitch Grassi, are dating. The two have their own YouTube channel called Superfruit where several fans have continuously asked if they were dating. The pair only teased the public by posting a photo of the two of them kissing on their channel.

They also have several other posts online showing signs of affection toward each other, even calling themselves a married couple. If this isn’t enough confirmation, we don’t know what is!

How much is Scott Hoying worth?

With a Grammy Award-winning band and successful YouTube channel, there is no doubt that Scott has been able to ensure $8 million in net worth.

Scott Hoying cosplaying as Kakashi Hatake with Kirsten Maldonado


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got to live our anime FANTASY the other night at @kylechandesign’s epic birthday party! thanks for having us! 💕

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