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Get the Lowdown on Seth Meyers’ Wife Alexi Ashe

Who is Seth Meyers’ Wife?

Alexi Ashe is known for being Seth Meyers’ wife who is a comedian, producer, writer, actor, and television host.

She is a human rights attorney who provides services to those who survive domestic violence, gender violence, and sex trafficking.


She attended the Occidental College and Southwestern University School of Law and started her career at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office in 2007 as an analyst.

In 2013, she started working as an assistant district attorney at the Brooklyn DA’s Human Trafficking Bureau and Special Victims Bureau. She then joined the Sanctuary for Families and became a member of the board of directors of Human Rights First.

Is Alexi Ashe still married or single?

Alexi Ashe is married to Seth Meyers. The couple met at the wedding of the actor Chris Kattan in 2008 and got engaged in 2013. They tied the knot on September 1 2013, but the wedding was almost cancelled because she had food poisoning during their rehearsal dinner.

How much is Alexi Ashe’s net worth?

Alexi Ashe’s net worth is not disclosed to the public. However, an attorney in the United States earns an average salary of $82,858 yearly. In addition, her husband Seth Meyer has an estimated net worth of $12 million.

What is the nationality of Alexi Ashe?

Alexi Ashe is an American who is a native of New Mexico.

How old is Alexi Ashe?

Alexi Ashe just turned 37 years old and her star sign is Aries.


How tall is Alexi Ashe and how much does she weigh?

Alexi Ashe stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs around 136 pounds.

Does Alexi Ashe have any children?

Yes, Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyer have two children together, Ashe Olson who was born on March 27, 2016, and Axel Strahl who was born on April 8, 2018.

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