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Eric Cowell: Simon Cowell’s Son & Future Business Successor

Read about Simon Cowell’s son, Eric Cowell, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Eric has appeared on several TV shows and is set to succeed his father’s business empire one day.

Who Is Simon Cowell’s Son?

Meet Eric Cowell, the lucky firstborn of Simon Cowell, the man behind X Factor and American Idol. With a dad like Simon, Eric was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a future empire to inherit. Simon is the founder and CEO of the British entertainment company, Syco, and a successful record producer, consultant in the UK music industry, and talent scout. Meanwhile, Eric has already made appearances on several TV shows hosted by his dad, proving that he’s got what it takes to follow in his father’s footsteps.

When Eric was born, Simon was in the middle of conducting auditions for Britain’s Got Talent. But that didn’t stop him from flying to Los Angeles just to see his firstborn. According to Simon’s good friend Sinitta Malone, Simon wanted to have more children. But with his age (he’s currently 64 years old), he’s decided to stick with just one heir to the Cowell empire.


See Eric upstage his dad in this adorable interview!

Is Simon Cowell son OK?

During the coronavirus pandemic Simon was reportedly “terrified” he and his son Eric would contract the disease, and took measures to protect himself and his family. He regularly encouraged mask wearing and hand sanitizing amongst the family. Eric Cowell remains in good health.

Who did Simon Cowell have a child with?

Eric’s mother is Lauren Silverman, a 46  year old American socialite. Her sister is Sarah Silverman, a famous comedian and actress. They have been together for many years and Simon recently proposed. They will be wed in June 2023 and Eric will play a prominent role in the occasion.

Lauren was previously married to Andrew Silverman, a good friend of Simon Cowell. He divorced her in 2013 after the shocking revelation that Lauren was pregnant with Eric, Simon Cowells child. Simon told the British tabloid The Mirror:

“I regret that part. It is not something I am proud of or wanted to happen in terms of hurting anyone. It just happened.”

Lauren shares custody of her other child Adam Silverman with ex-husband Andrew.

Simon has previously suggested that Eric was a big reason in his decision to propose to long-time girlfriend Lauren.

How old is Eric Cowell?

Eric was born on February 14, 2014. He is 10 years old. His father Simon Cowell was in England for the auditions of Britain’s Got Talent when Lauren Silverman was about to give birth to Eric. Eager to never miss this once-in-a-lifetime event, Simon had a plane on call that he can use to fly to Los Angeles just in time to see his son Eric.

Eric was named after his paternal grandfather, Simon’s dad, Eric Selig Phillip Cowell (1918-1999) who was an estate agent and property developer, but also had prominence in the music industry. Eric Selig was from a Jewish family. Eric’s paternal grandmother was from a Christian family.


Simon Cowell and his son Eric on Britain’s Got Talent

What is Eric Cowell’s net worth?

Eric’s net worth is not yet determined. However, his wealthy father has a net worth of approximately $600 million and Eric is definitely expected to inherit some of it.

What nationality is Eric Cowell?

Eric Cowell is American as he was born in New York.

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