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Who is Staci Keanan and Why She’s So Unusual?😵‍💫

All you ever needed to know about the former Step by Step star Staci Keanan, Her marriage, dramatic career change, weight, & those suicide rumours

What makes Staci Keanan different from most actresses?🙊

Anastasia Love Sagorsky, better known as Stacy Keanan, is currently a deputy district attorney but started her career as an actress. She is famous for her role as Nicole Bradford in the sitcom My Two Dads (1987-1990) and as Dana Foster in the sitcom Step by Step (1991-1998).

At the very young age of five, Staci started modeling and appeared on television, radio, and commercials. She is the voice of My Little Pony and has promoted Burger King and Hershey’s Kisses on screen. After her family moved to New York, she changed her name to Staci Love. This led to more roles, including the theater production Summer Stock and the movie I’ll Take Manhattan (1987).

As a mature student, under her birth name, Anastasia Sagorsky, Staci studied law at Southwestern Law School, being admitted to the State Bar of California in 2013.  She is now a Deputy District Attorney at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Staci Keanan is 47 years old. She was born on June 6, 1975, making her a Gemini. This may account for the vast difference between her two career choices – actress to attorney isn’t a common path to take.

Best of Staci Keanan​📸


What about Staci Keanan’s suicide?😪

Recently, unreputable media sources started a rumor that Staci Keanan died after suffering from depression all her life, even claiming she had committed suicide with a quote from the famous actor Patrick Duffy, her co-star in Step by Step:

“She was a lovely young lady on the set and would soak up the knowledge me and Suzanne Sommers would give her like a sponge. She would always brighten our days with her youthful enthusiasm. Without a doubt, she will be greatly missed.”

However, this is not true and we can confirm that Staci Keanan is alive and well.

What is Staci Keanan’s weight?🤔

Staci Keanan weighs around 51 kilos or 112 lbs. She has a great sense of style, looking awesome in any outfit she chooses!

What does Staci Keanan do for a living?🤷

Staci worked as an actress and model from 1987-2010. Currently, she is an attorney after graduating from the Southwestern Law School. It’s not known what type of law she practices, but she is highly successful in her chosen career.

Is Staci Keanan married or single?💏🏻

Staci Keanan has been married to actor and producer Guy Birtwhistle since February 11, 2017. She took the last name Birtwhistle but is still known by her birth name – Anastasia Sagorskyfor her role as district attorney.

What is Staci Keanan’s net worth?​💷

From her modeling, acting, and legal careers, Staci earned a net worth estimated at around $1 million. That’s enough that she could hire Jay Z for a private party 😉😉💋

Staci avoids social media, so here’s Guy Birtwhistle’s Twitter feed📲​:

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