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Who is Susan Sarandon’s daughter? Meet Eva Amurri, an Ivy League graduate and actress with a successful career in film and TV.

Identify who Susan Sarandon’s daughter is! Eva Amurri is an actress and the daughter of Italian film director Franco Amurri and Susan Sarandon.

Who is Susan Sarandon’s daughter?

Well, well, well, look who we have here! It’s none other than Eva Maria Olivia Amurri, the daughter of Franco Amurri and Susan Sarandon. Franco is an Italian film director, producer, and screenwriter, while Susan is an American actress and activist who has graced us with her presence in films like the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Client.

Eva is one smart cookie, having attended the prestigious Brown University and Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn. She’s also got two half-brothers on her mother’s side, Jack and Miles.

But wait, there’s more! Eva has also made a name for herself in the acting world, appearing in numerous films and TV shows. Talk about a talented family!


What nationality is Eva Maria Olivia Amurri Martino?

Eva Maria Olivia Amurri is American.

How old is Eva Maria Olivia Amurri Martino and how much does she weigh?

Susan Sarandon’s daughter was born on March 15, 1985, in New York City, New York in the United States. She is 39 years old. She is a Pisces.

Eva is estimated to be 5 feet and 8 – 9 inches or 1.75-1.78 meters tall and 58 kilograms. She wears a size 4 in US sizing.

What is Eva Maria Olivia Amurri Martino’s net worth?

Eva’s estimated net worth is $5 million.

Is Eva Maria Olivia Amurri Martino single or married?

Eva is now single. She recently divorced her former Major League Soccer player husband, Kyle Martino. The split happened in 2019.

They were supposed to have 3 children together. Unfortunately, one of her pregnancies resulted in a miscarriage. Things are looking up for her though as their next child is to be expected in the spring of 2020.

What does Eva Maria Olivia Amurri do for a living?

Eva is a film actress and has appeared in many television features and films. She took after her mother in this aspect. She is not an active film actress at the moment though as she wants to concentrate on her pregnancy and her child’s upbringing.

Instead, she has a website called Happily Eva After that she maintains. Eva blogs about her life as a mother through this site.


Does Susan Sarandon’s daughter also act?

Yes, she does. Eva has appeared in numerous shows and films. Her first appearance was in Bob Roberts in 1992 and she acted as a cute kid in a hospital.

She has been a supporting role in films such as Dead Man Walking, Anywhere but Here, Made-up, The Banger Sisters, Saved!, and her most recent, Mothers and Daughters.

Not only have you seen her in films, but also in various television roles. She was first featured in Earthly Possessions and went on Friends! Her most recent TV appearance was in the 2015 miniseries, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.

What are Eva Maria Olivia Amurri’s hobbies?

Eva took an acting break and is now a full-time mom and part-time blogger. She maintains a website and posts mommy-related posts on it.

Are there other famous celebrities related to Eva Maria Olivia Amurri?

Aside from her actress mother and soccer player father, Eva is related to a few greats. Her grandfather is the author, writer, and lyricist, Anotiono Amurri. Her half-brother, Miles Robbins, is a musician and actor.

The birth of Eva Maria Olivia Amurri’s 3rd child, Mateo!

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