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Who Is Tom Hanks’ Son? All The Info On Colin Hanks

Everything you ever needed to know about the of the Hollywood superstar, Tom Hanks – Colin Hanks: His Own Career In Front Of the Camera and More!

Colin Hanks’ Overview – Tom Hanks’ Son

Colin Hanks is one of the four children of the Austrian-American actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks. Colin’s mother and Tom’s former spouse is Samantha Lewes.

Colin also engaged himself in acting and filmmaking which he started by making short appearances in TV series. He also did some Broadway shows later and appeared twice in the Jumanji movies. He is a sports enthusiast and was an LA King playoff correspondent for two years.

Among the four children of Tom Hanks, he is obviously the most invested in the profession which his father is known for. He has also expressed a lot of times how his father has been very supportive in what he does.

Tom Hanks has recently been diagnosed with the dreaded coronavirus. Fortunately, news reports suggest he is recovering well.


What Nationality Is Colin Hanks?

Colin Hanks is American.

How Old Is Colin Hanks and How Much Does He Weigh?

Tom Hanks’ son was born on November 24, 1977, in Sacramento, California. Colin will be 43 years old this 2020. His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

His height is 1.87 m and he weighs 86 kilograms.

What Is Colin Hanks Net Worth

Colin Hanks’ net worth is $15 million.

Is Colin Hanks Single or Married?

Colin Hanks married Samantha Bryant in 2010 whom he has two children.

What Does Colin Hanks Do for a Living?

Colin Hanks earns most of his salary from acting and directing. With an entire career built on movies and films, Colin will definitely be expected to create more projects and perhaps collaborate with his father like what he did before.


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