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Tom Hulce: Award-Winning Actor, Singer, and Theater Producer

Find out the multi-talented Tom Hulce, an American actor, singer, and theater producer. Read about his awards and career in this bio.

Who is Tom Hulce?

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Tom Hulce – American actor, singer, and theater producer extraordinaire! You may remember him as the voice of Quasimodo in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame back in ’96. But did you know he’s won an Emmy Award, four Golden Globe Awards, and a Tony Award? That’s right, this guy’s got more awards than you have socks.

Fun fact: Hulce actually wanted to be a singer, but his voice changed during his teenage years. So, he turned to acting instead. And boy, are we glad he did. He left home at 15 to attend both Interlochen Arts Academy and the North Carolina School of the Arts, and the rest is history.

Hulce got his start on Broadway in 1975 in Equus, and spent most of the 70s and early 80s in the theater world, only occasionally taking on movie projects. Some of his films include Dominick and Eugene, Murder in Mississippi, The Heidi Chronicles, Stranger Than Fiction, and Jumper. He even produced The Seagull in 2018. Talk about a jack of all trades!

Did we mention he’s the youngest of four children? His full name is Thomas Edward Hulce, and he currently resides in Seattle, Washington. Keep on keepin’ on, Tom!


What is the nationality of Tom Hulce?

Tom Hulce is an American, born on December 6, 1953, in Detroit, Michigan and has English, German, and Irish ancestry.

How old is Tom Hulce?

Tom Hulce is now 70 years old. He is a Sagittarius.

How tall is Tom Hulce and how much does he weigh?

Hulce is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 180 pounds.

Is Tom Hulce married or single?

There have been false rumors that Tom Hulce was married to Cecilia Ermini, who is an Italian artist. However, he said in an interview with Seattle Gay News that the rumor is a complete fabrication and he has identified himself as openly gay.

How much is Tom Hulce’s net worth?

Tom Hulce has a net worth of $15 million according to reports.


Does Tom Hulce have any children?

Along with the false rumor that Hulce was married to Cecilia Ermini, it was said that they also have a daughter named Anya.

What films did Tom Hulce star in?

He is best known for playing Larry Kroger in Animal House and was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the film Amadeus in 1984.

Here are the films Tom Hulce starred in:

1975: Forget-Me-Not-Lane

1976: Song of Myself

1977: September 30, 1955

1978: Animal House

1980: Those Lips, Those Eyes

1984: Amadeus

1986: The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket, Echo Park

1987: Slam Dance

1988: Dominick and Eugene, Shadow Man

1989: Parenthood

1990: Murder in Mississippi

1991: The Inner Circle

1993: Fearless

1994: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Wings of Courage

1995: The Heidi Chronicles

1996: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

2002: The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

2004: A Home at the End of the World

2006: Stranger Than Fiction

2008: Jumper

2018: The Seagull

What happened to Tom Hulce?

Tom Hulce quit acting during the 1990s and returned to movies in 2006, spending most of his time behind the scenes. He values his privacy and now produces movies.

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