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Trevor Noah’s Parents: Origins, Jobs, Religion, and Siblings

Discover where Trevor Noah’s parents are from, their jobs, religion, and siblings. Learn more about this comedian’s family history. Ask us more!

Who are Trevor Noah’s parents?

Trevor Noah is a famous stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and television host who hails from South Africa. He currently hosts The Daily Show on Comedy Central. He is also known for his political comments on various government proceedings.


Trevor was born in Johannesburg to two loving parents, Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah and Robert Noah. Patricia has lived an extraordinary life, boasting many personal accomplishments and triumphs over her abusive ex-husband, whom she is now divorced from, and immigration.

Robert and Patricia were not legally married when they had Trevor because, at the time of his birth, interracial marriages and relationships were illegal under apartheid law. However, Patricia was determined to have a child with him, despite his hesitation and in the end, they had a baby together. But, Robert is not listed as Trevor’s father.


Where are Trevor Noah’s parents from?

Patricia is South African and of Xhosa ancestry, while Robert has Swiss-German roots.

Here’s Trevor talking candidly about his relationship with his parents:

How old are Trevor Noah’s parents?

Patricia and Robert’s ages are not known to the public. All that is known is Patricia was 24 and Robert was 46 when the pair met and fell in love.

What are the jobs of Trevor Noah’s parents?

Patricia’s job is not currently known to the public at the moment as she prefers to keep a private life.

Meanwhile, Robert Noah is an author and producer. He worked on television and movies shows such as Scrabble (1984-1990), Hot Streak (1986), Party Line (1983), Sale of the Century (1983), Las Vegas Gambit (1980), High Low Quiz (1957), and Tic Tac Dough (1956).

What is the net worth of Trevor Noah’s parents?

Neither parents’ net worth is available at the moment. But, Trevor Noah is worth $30 million this 2020.


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Are Trevor Noah’s parents divorced?

Trevor’s parents had him out of wedlock, as marriage between a mixed-race couple was illegal at the time, and  Trevor’s mother re-married later in her life. However, Trevor’s abusive stepfather, Abel Shingange, Patricia’s new husband, shot her in the head. She miraculously survived as the bullet went through the back of her head through her nose, and although found guilty, he only received probation. Shingange then threatened Trevor’s life, which prompted the sudden move from  Johannesburg to Los Angeles.

Trevor Noah on how he deals with pain in his life:


Are Trevor Noah’s parents religious?

Trevor claims that when he was around 10 or 11 years old, his mother converted to Judaism, whereas his father’s religious beliefs remain unknown.

Does Trevor Noah have siblings?

Aside from Trevor, Patricia and Robert do not have any children together. But, Patricia does have other children from her marriage to Abel Shingange, which was reported to be an abusive one.

Trevor has two step-brothers named Andrew and Isaac Shingange. They were the product of Patricia Noah and Ngisaveni Abel Shingange’s marriage in Johannesburg.

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Trevor Noah commenting the USPS “war” in USA on the Daily Show

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