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Chris Watts’ Parents: Ronnie and Cindy Watts – Details on Nationality, Age, Net Worth, and Family

Know about Chris Watts’ parents, Ronnie and Cindy Watts, who were thrust into the media spotlight following their son’s gruesome murders. They are of American nationality and still married.

Who Spawned Chris Watts?

Ronnie and Cindy Watts are the proud parents of none other than convicted murderer Chris Watts. They were thrown into the spotlight after their son committed the heinous murders of his wife and two daughters.

The Watts reside in Denver, Colorado.


What’s the Nationality of Chris Watts’ Folks?

Ronnie and Cindy Watts are both American, just like their infamous offspring.

How Old Are Ronnie and Cindy Watts?

Ronnie Watts is currently 80 years old. As for his wife, her age remains a mystery.

What do Ronnie and Cindy do for a living?

At the time of the Chris Watts murders, Ronnie worked for Cross Creek Subaru – a new and used car dealership. He works at the car dealership as a Parts Manager. Cindy Watts, on the other hand, is a homemaker. She, with Kathleen Jamie Watts, wrote a book detailing the point of view of her son during the murders. The book was entitled All My Broken Pieces and is yet to be released although many excerpts have already been leaked to the public.

What’s the Net Worth of Chris Watts’ Parents?

As of now, there’s no information available about the net worth of Chris Watts’ parents.

Are Chris Watts’ Parents Still Together or Divorced?

Ronnie and Cindy Watts are still going strong in their marriage.


Do Ronnie and Cindy Watts Have Other Children?

Chris Watts’ parents have another child, Jamie Lynn Williams.

What else do we know about Chris Watts’ parents?

Before confessing to the police about the crime he did, Chris Watts asked to speak to his father, Ronnie, first. The two spoke in the interrogation room wherein their conversation was recorded. Ronnie encouraged his son to be honest about everything that happened to the police.

On the other hand, his mother, Cindy, was convinced at first that her son did not commit the murders. But this was overturned when her son eventually pleaded guilty to the murder of his wife and two daughters.

During the court hearing for this case, Chris’ parents took to the stand and showed support for him. They also thanked the parents of Shannan, Chris’ murdered wife, for not pursuing the death penalty.

Interview with Chris Watts’ parents on their son’s guilty plea to murder of wife and daughters

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