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Trisha Paytas: YouTube’s Controversial Star ?

Discover why Trisha Paytas is one of the biggest names on YouTube. From controversial videos to public arguments, find out what she’s most famous for. 📸

Trisha Paytas – Her Story📖

Trisha Kay Paytas is a US-based social media personality, who is currently 36 years old. She was born on May 8, 1988, in Riverside, California in the United States. This means she was born under the sign of the Bull, and like other Taureans, she is feisty, determined and holds a grudge!

However, not content with sticking to social media, she has successfully grown her fan base thanks to a regularly updated YouTube channel where she showcases her talents as a singer and actress, and now has more than 5 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views.

Born in the spring of 1988, the middle child of three – an older brother, and younger half sister, her parents divorced when she was still a toddler. Paytas then moved with her mom from her birthplace of Riverside, California, to the city of Freeport, in Illinois. Upon turning 15, she returned to Riverside to live with her dad and brother.

She started her career as a lingerie model and tried her hand at escorting. Acting, too, added to her talents, and she appeared in numerous TV roles, both in the background and holding more prominent positions, including the 2007 TV series Who Wants to Be a Superhero? where she played Ms Limelight. Paytas has also starred in a number of music videos by artists such as Eminem and Amy Winehouse.

In 2019, Paytas announced online that she was, in fact, female-to-male transgender, but claimed not to want to change pronouns, remaining as ‘she’. Later releasing a video on her channel, she talked about her gender confusion, and identity as non-binary.


What is Trisha Paytas most famous for?📸

Trisha Paytas is a YouTube sensation who loves to stir up some drama. She’s not afraid to admit that she’s in it for the clicks, and boy, has she caused some controversy! From her questionable portrayal of a Japanese popstar named Trishii to her eyebrow-raising song A Jesus Bop (which she claims is a tribute to her Catholic faith), Paytas has definitely ruffled some feathers. She’s also had some very public spats with other stars like Ethan Klein, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, and her ex-boyfriend Sean van der Wilt. Click those hyperlinks to see the juicy details!

Our fave Trisha Paytas snapshots🤳🏻

What is Trisha Paytas’ height?🤨

Trisha Paytas is 1.63 meters or 5ft4 tall. It appears she may have a ‘thing’ about being out of proportion with her large breasts, and: “everytime I weigh myself, I take 10 lbs off for my t**s…cause b**bs shouldn’t count!”

What ethnicity is Trisha Paytas?🌍

Trisha Paytas is white, but it is often assumed that she is of partly Asian heritage:I always get asked if I’m part asian, latina, or black….haha. I never understood that. though I wish I was more exotic. just boring white


What is Trisha Paytas’ weigh?🤷

Trisha Paytas weighs around 180-190 pounds. She used to be 200+ pounds but after an extreme diet plan and exercise, she dropped a lot of weight.


Is Trisha Paytas married or single?💒

Trisha Paytas is currently engaged to Moses Hacmon, they began dating in 2020. She has been in a few other high-publicity relationships, including YouTuber Jason Nash, Sean van der Wilt, Roger Bart, and Anthony Michael Hall.

What is Trisha Paytas’ net worth?​💷

She is reportedly worth $4 million due to her YouTube channel success and acting career.

Trisha Paytas’ latest Tweets📲

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