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Wendy Fiore: Everything People are Wondering About Her Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, and More!

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Wendy Fiore’s Boyfriend, Net Worth, Measurements, and More!

Who is Wendy Fiore?

Wendy Fiore is an American model renowned for her revealing clothing and daring styling. Much of her fame began in 2010 when Instagram was just starting as a medium for iconic models, promotions, and endorsements. Her pictures on her social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have garnered her millions of subscribers. She is usually barely clad, which reveals the enviable contours of her stunning bod. According to the celebrity model and social media star, women should not be afraid to flaunt their assets, never being afraid of who they are!

Her family, and mother, in particular, has had a huge influence on her dress sense. This led Wendy to pursue a successful career in modeling. She landed projects for big-time modeling companies.  Gaining offers from top modeling agencies, such as Surreal Chicago, she goes from strength to strength.


Born on December 21, 1983, Wendy grew up in Downers Grove in Chicago, Illinois.

Wendy always dreamt of pursuing a career in business; however, she eventually focused her energies on modeling. Going by catchy social media names such as Wendy 4, Wendy Combattente, and Chicago Wendy, she has a strong fan base who love and idolize her dresses and her liberal perspective on life. Wendy loves the good things that life can offer, which include lingerie, wine, and sports.

How much is Wendy Fiore’s net worth?

Wendy Fiore’s contract with Surreal Chicago and her other online endorsements have granted her a lavish lifestyle, which she enjoys to the full. Her estimated net worth would be around half a million dollars.

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Is Wendy Fiore married or single?

Although Wendy Fiore has been on dates the past few years, she is not into any serious relationship yet and is enjoying the single life.

How old is Wendy Fiore?

Born in the United States on December 21, 1983, Wendy will be 36-years-old late in 2020.

What is the nationality of Wendy Fiore?

She was born in the United States, and she grew up in Downers Grove.

How tall is Wendy Fiore and how much does she weigh?

Wendy Fiore stands 5 feet 5 inches tall. She weighs around 150 pounds.

How many kids does Wendy Fiore have?

Wendy doesn’t have any children.

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