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Kevin Hunter: TV Producer & Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband

Learn about Kevin Hunter, the successful television producer and former husband of Wendy Williams. Discover how their 21-year marriage ended in a split.

Kevin Hunter: The Man Behind Wendy Williams

Kevin Hunter is a man of many talents. He’s a top-notch television producer and manager, and he’s also known for being the husband of the one and only Wendy Williams. Unfortunately, after 21 years of marriage, Kevin has thrown in the towel and the couple has split.

Wendy Williams, also known as the “Queen of All Media,” made a name for herself as a radio DJ with her controversial opinions about celebrities. She became so famous that a reality TV show called The Wendy Williams Experience was created to document her radio show. And guess who was one of the executive producers? You guessed it – Kevin Hunter.

But Kevin’s connection to Wendy goes way back. He first met her when she was working at a Philadelphia radio station called WUSL or Power99FM. Kevin became her agent and helped her achieve even more success. In 2000, Wendy got her own daytime talk show called The Wendy Williams Show, and the rest is history.

Kevin and Wendy got married in 1997, and they were each other’s biggest supporters. But after almost 22 years of marriage, Wendy found out that Kevin had been cheating on her multiple times. And as we all know, Wendy doesn’t put up with that kind of nonsense. So, she filed for divorce in 2020.

Looks like Kevin’s time in the spotlight is over, but we’ll always remember him as the man behind the Queen of All Media.


What does Wendy Williams’ husband do for a living?

Kevin Hunter produces television shows. He is also famous for being an excellent manager. He has also dabbled in writing semi-autobiographical books based on his life and experiences living and working as a TV producer in the US.

What is the nationality of Kevin Hunter?

Kevin Hunter was born in Ontario, Canada on September 17, 1972. This means that he is of African-Canadian ancestry. These days, Kevin Hunter is identified as Canadian/American since he has worked almost all his life in the United States.

Kevin Hunter Photo Gallery

Is Kevin Hunter married or single?

Kevin Hunter is married; however, he is currently going through a divorce since his wife, the famous talk show host, Wendy Williams, filed for one. She filed for divorce after confirming that Kevin has an ongoing affair. They would have been married for 23 years in 2020.

How many kids does Kevin Hunter have?

Kevin and Wendy have a child. His name is Kevin Hunter, Jr., and he was born on August 18, 2000.


How tall is Kevin Hunter and how much does he weigh?

Kevin Hunter stands 6ft2, towering above Wendy Williams at 5ft8. He weighs around 190 pounds. He is in shape, as he is actively sharing his fitness journey on social media.

What is Kevin Hunter’s net worth?

From his years of work and experience as an agent and TV producer, Kevin’s net worth is estimated to be around $7.5 million. He certainly has some money for splurging, as we can see in this Ig post where he is sitting in his gorgeous ‘rrari.

Who is Wendy Williams’ husband?

Wendy Williams’ husband was Kevin Hunter. He is a Canadian/American TV show producer. Kevin Hunter contributed a lot to the success of Wendy Williams as a talk show host and TV personality. When they met, Wendy knew that Kevin had the ability to launch her career. Thus, Kevin became her production partner and manager. He helped her launch the Wendy Williams Show and was successful in producing the drama film Queen of Media, which was about Wendy’s life. Because of his invaluable contributions to Wendy’s career, there is news that says that Wendy has been talking to him and has decided on bringing him back to her team as her manager, even though they got divorced.



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