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Why Ava was Kicked Off Dance Moms: Too Tall?

Discover why Ava was kicked off Dance Moms and how she turned her struggles as a tall person into success with her role in Netflix’s Tall Girl.

Ava Michelle – Child Star

Ava Michelle Cota is an American actress and dancer who became known around 2014. At a young age, her mother, Jeanette, made her attend JC’s Broadway Dance Academy, which was owned by Jeanette herself until it closed in 2023. Ava Michelle then became part of the reality television series Dance Moms, which debuted in 2011 to train children in the field of dance. She started appearing in the show in 2013 and also became a regular for four years, which consisted of around 18 episodes. The stars from Dance Moms had a tour in the United States in 2018 and Ava Michelle was also part of the event. As she’s always had an interest and a career in dancing, she also joined the dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, but she was removed from the show only after an episode due to her height of more than six feet tall. Ava Michelle then put her attention to acting and made appearances in some short films such as This Is Me, where she portrayed Olivia Newton-John, and Mamma Mia! as the character named Anna. In 2019, she became more popular as she landed the lead role of Jodi Kreyman in the romantic comedy Tall Girl on Netflix. She was also cast for its sequel, Tall Girl 2, which was released in February 2023.

See the talented Ava Michelle dancing here:


Is Ava Michelle single or married?

Ava Michelle is currently dating Bryan Pearn, a digital creator from LA.


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When was Ava Michelle on Dance Moms?

Ava Michelle was on Dance Moms from 2013 to 2017. She can perform tap, ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. She was also chosen for the ALDC Select Ensemble.

Here is Ava on Dance Moms season 5!

Why did Ava get the boot from Dance Moms?

Ava was living the dream as a full-time member of the dance team at the tender age of 10. But alas, her time on the show was cut short because she was…wait for it…too tall. Yep, you read that right.

In interviews, Ava has opened up about the struggles of being a tall gal. But hey, every cloud has a silver lining. Ava’s height has since catapulted her to fame as Jodi Kreyman in the Netflix hit Tall Girl and its sequel.

So there you have it, folks. Ava may have been too tall for Dance Moms, but she’s definitely not too tall for Hollywood.

How tall is Ava Michelle?

6 feet 1 inch / 187cm

How did Ava Michelle loose her brother?

Her brother Devan was 23 when he died from accidental Fentanyl poisoning. Michelle has since been campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers of accidental death by opioids. Furthermore, she has teamed up with her mother to found a clothing brand inspired by her brother called Identified.

The brand is “loungewear that not only promotes inclusivity and individuality but also provides a platform to speak and encourage conversations on many important topics” according to the Identified website.


How old is Ava Michelle?

Born on April 10th 2002, Ava Michelle is 22

What is Ava Michelle’s estimated net worth?

Ava Michelle’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. She makes her money modeling, dancing, singing, acting, and as a social media influencer.

She kicked off her modeling career at New York Fashion Week in 2017.

She kickstarted the social media campaign #13Reasons4Me in 2018. The campaign called for people to pick 13 things they loved about themselves or things to be grateful for.

See Ava’s 13 reasons here:

How many kids does Ava Michelle have?

Ava Michelle does not have any children.

Keep up with Ava on Twitter:

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