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The Life of T’yanna Wallace: Daughter of Notorious B.I.G.

Find out the life of T’yanna Wallace, daughter of the legendary rapper Biggie Smalls. Learn about her clothing line and her relationship with P Diddy.

The Life and Legacy of T’yanna Wallace

Once upon a time, there was a legendary American rapper named Christopher George Latore Wallace, but you probably know him better as Biggie Smalls or The Notorious B.I.G. He had a daughter named T’yanna Wallace, who is now all grown up and making a name for herself. Unfortunately, her father was tragically killed when she was just three years old. Her mother is Jan Jackson, who was Biggie’s high school sweetheart.

Despite not having many memories of her father, T’yanna feels like she knows him well thanks to all the stories she hears from his friends. According to her, “He was just a big bundle of joy and everyone loved him and everyone loved being around him.” Today, T’yanna is running her own clothing line called Notorious Clothing, which is a tribute to her late father.

In 2016, T’yanna got into a bit of a tiff with her dad’s best friend, P Diddy, after he failed to invite her to a concert celebrating her father’s legacy. She took to Twitter to express her disappointment, but later apologized and made up with Diddy.

Biggie Smalls was a true icon in the hip-hop industry, and his legacy lives on through his music and his daughter. His debut album, Ready to Die, was released in 1994 and is still considered a classic. Sadly, he was shot and killed in 1997 at the young age of 24. Doctors tried to save him with a thoracotomy, but it was too late. His impact on the world of music will never be forgotten.


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What does T’yanna Wallace do for a living?

T’yanna runs a clothing line inspired by her father in Brooklyn, New York called ‘Notoriouss Clothing’. She told iHeart radio – “I wanted to do something where I could continue his legacy and I don’t do music, so it wasn’t going to be that. So, I wanted to do something that would keep his name alive and also have me included in it.”

How much is T’yanna Wallace’s net worth?

T’yanna’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. As for her father, Biggie Small has an estimated net worth of $20 million before his death.


What is the nationality of T’yanna Wallace?

T’yanna Wallace was born in New York and is an African American woman. A typical New Yorker through and through, she appears highly streetwise and super sassy!

How old is T’yanna Wallace?

T’yanna was born on 8th August 1993. She is currently 30 years old and is the zodiac sign Leo, which is perfect for a woman known for her strength and determination.


How tall is T’yanna Wallace and how much does she weigh?

T’yanna Wallace is 5ft5, or 165cm tall, and weighs 48kgs, or 106lbs.

Is T’yanna Wallace single or married?

According to our sources, T’yanna is currently single. We’ll let you known as soon as that changes!

Does T’yanna Wallace have any children?

T’yanna Wallace doesn’t have children, but if that changes, we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest news.

T’yanna Wallace’s latest Tweets

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