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Bill Belichick’s Football Coaching Sons: Stephen and Brian

Uncover the Belichick family’s football legacy with Bill Belichick’s sons, Stephen and Brian. Know about their coaching careers and bright futures in pro football.

Bill Belichick’s Boys: Stephen and Brian, Following in Dad’s Footsteps 👨‍👦​

Bill Belichick, the legendary American football coach, has two sons who are also making a name for themselves in the sport. Stephen Belichick is a coach for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL). He was part of the Patriots team that won Super Bowl Ll, beating the Atlanta Falcons with a score of 34-28. Stephen, the eldest son, is 37 years old and has a younger brother, Brian Belichick, who is seven years his junior. We can only imagine the sibling rivalry that must have ensued 😂😂😂

Brian Belichick is also carving out a successful career in pro football, as confirmed by both his Patriots teammates and his brother Stephen. Even in college, Brian was a super athlete, attending Trinity College, playing lacrosse, and becoming the scouting assistant for the Patriots. Their father Bill Belichick couldn’t be happier to have both sons by his side on the football field.

While Steve Belichick has admitted in interviews that he’s living in the shadow of his hugely successful father, others have whispered about nepotism giving him influence with the New England Patriots. But hey, if your dad is one of the greatest football coaches of all time, why not take advantage of it? We’re sure Bill Belichick is proud to have his boys following in his footsteps.

And if you want to read more about Brian Belichick’s bright future in pro football, check out this article. Or if you’re curious about Steve Belichick’s experience with nepotism, this one has got you covered.

Steve talks about his relationship with his dad, Bill💗

Stephen and Brian Belichick Best Pics📸


What are Stephen and Brian Belichick’s nationalities?🌍

Stephen and Brian Belichick are both American, just like their father Bill.


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Are Stephen and Brian Belichick single or married?💏🏻

Stephen Belichick is married to Jennifer Schmitt and they have a daughter named Blakely. They were married in Nantucket in November 2018, with Jennifer wearing a gorgeous gown designed by Bostononian David Josef.

As for Brian, he married Catherine “Callie” D. McLaughlin in June 2021, in St Mary’s Church, Nantucket – so both of Bill’s handsome sons are snapped up!

Do Stephen and Brian Belichick have any children?👶

Stephen and Jennifer have a daughter named Blakely who was born on October 18, 2016.


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What height are Stephen & Brian Belichick also, what do they weigh?🤷

There is no public information regarding their height and weight – obviously, there are some things they keep under wraps.

What are Stephen and Brian Belichick’s net worths?💷

The details regarding the net worth of Stephen and Brian Belichick’s aren’t available, however, their father, Bill has an estimated net worth of $35 million. His annual salary is $7.5 million, and he is popular on the sporting interview circuit, all adding to his wealth.

Bill Belichick’s latest Tweets📲​

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