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The Lowdown on Pierce Brosnan’s Sons – Sean, Paris, Dylan, and Christopher Brosnan


Irish actor Pierce Brosnan’s sons are Sean, Paris, Dylan, and Christopher. Pierce adopted Christopher after his father Dermot Harris passed away in 1986. Sean is the son of Pierce with his first wife Cassandra Harris. Paris and Dylan are sons of Pierce with his second wife Keely Shaye Smith.

Set to become Ireland’s “first male supermodel”, Paris Brosnan is making a name for himself as a fashion model. Paris is the youngest of Pierce’s sons and yet she is very successful. Sean Brosnan is an American actor as well as a filmmaker who appeared in shows like Robinson Crusoe and When Evil Calls.

Dylan Brosnan, just like his brother Paris, is also a successful model of renowned brands Burberry, Erdem, and H&M. He is also a composer and cinematographer. He is indeed multi-talented as he is also a member of the band Raspberry Blonde. Dylan and Paris have the honor of being the first brothers to be announced as Golden Globe Ambassadors for 2020.

Christopher Brosnan, the adopted son of Pierce and biological son of his first wife Cassandra Harris is also an actor who starred in the 1990s Bond movies including The World Is Not Enough and Tomorrow Never Dies. Christopher also appeared in Celebrity Love Island, a UK reality TV show.


What Are The Nationalities Of Sean, Paris, Dylan and Christopher Brosnan?

Sean, Paris, Dylan, and Christopher are all American.

How Old Are Sean, Paris, Dylan, and Christopher Brosnan?

Christopher Brosnan was born on November 11, 1972, and is 50 years old. Sean’s birthday is September 13, 1983 making him 39 years old. Next is Dylan at 26, he was born January 13, 1997. The youngest, Paris is 22 and was born on February 27, 2001.

How Tall Are Sean, Paris, Dylan, and Christopher Brosnan and How Much Do They Weigh?

Pierce Brosnan is one of the taller actors on screen at over 6ft tall so it’s unsurprising that all his sons take after him. Christopher Brosnan is 6ft, or 182cm tall, and weighs 81kgs, or 178lbs. Sean is also around 6ft tall, while Dylan towers above them all at 6ft4, or 196cm. Sean and Dylan’s weights are not known. The baby of the family, Paris Brosnan is one of the taller sons at 6ft1, or 185cm. He weighs around 68kg, or 150lbs.

How Much Are Sean, Paris, Dylan, and Christopher Brosnan’s Net Worths?

The estimated net worth of Sean Brosnan is unknown, although Christopher, Dylan and Paris are doing very well for themselves. They have net worths of $100m, $45m and $23m respectively.

Are Sean, Paris, Dylan, and Christopher Brosnan Single or Married?

Sean and Christopher are married while Paris and Dylan are still bachelors.


Do Sean, Paris, Dylan, and Christopher Brosnan Have Any Children?

Sean’s daughter is Marley May Cassandra. As for his brother Paris, Dylan, and Christopher, they don’t have children yet.

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