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Meet Sophie Flay: Chef Bobby Flay’s Daughter and TV Co-Star

Uncover the life of Bobby Flay’s daughter, Sophie, a USC broadcast journalism student, reality TV star, and sports enthusiast. Learn more here.

Meet Bobby Flay’s Daughter, Sophie: The World Changer

You may know Bobby Flay as the famous chef, restaurateur, and reality TV personality, but did you know he also has a daughter named Sophie? That’s right, and she’s his “favorite girl in the world” (according to him, anyway). Sophie first appeared on TV as a food taster for kids while her dad co-hosted a reality show, and since then, she’s been a regular on his various cooking shows. They even signed a 3-year contract to appear together on The Flay List.

But Sophie isn’t just a TV personality. She’s currently studying broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California and is involved in all sorts of extracurricular activities. She’s a member of USC’s a capella group called Sirens, a Delta Gamma sorority sister, and even hosts a music show for her school publication.

And that’s not all – Sophie’s also a sports enthusiast. In 2016, she interned for NBC at the Rio Summer Olympics and photographed beach volleyball, swimming, and basketball for her Instagram page. So, not only is she a world changer like her dad, but she’s also a multi-talented one at that. Keep an eye out for this rising star!


What is the nationality of Sophie Flay

Born to Bobby Flay and Kate Connelly, Sophie Flay is an American.

Is Sophie Flay single or married?

Sophie is still single but she once dated a guy during her USC college years. She enjoys traveling and visiting new places with her friends.

Does Sophie Flay have any children?

Sophie doesn’t have children yet.

How old is Sophie Flay?

Sophie was born on April 16, 1996. She is 28 years old.

How tall is Sophie Flay and how much does she weigh?

Sophie Flay is 5ft4, or 163cm tall and there is no public information about her weight.


How much is Sophie Flay’s net worth?

Sophie is still establishing her career and is yet to reveal her net worth. However, she already appeared on the show “The Rachael Ray Show” with her father Bobby Flay.

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