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Steven Tyler’s Daughters: Liv, Mia, and Chelsea – Their Careers and Accomplishments

Read about Steven Tyler’s daughters Liv, Mia, and Chelsea Tyler. Liv is an actress and former model, Mia is a multi-talented media personality and plus-size model, and Chelsea is a new mom and musician.

Meet the Tyler Sisters

Did you know that Aerosmith’s frontman Steven Tyler has not one, not two, but three daughters? That’s right, he’s a proud papa to Liv, Mia, and Chelsea Tyler.

Liv Tyler is a jack-of-all-trades. She’s an actress, singer, producer, and former model. You might recognize her from her role as the stunning Arwen Undomiel in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Liv started modeling at the ripe age of 14, but quickly realized that acting was her true calling after her debut in Silent Fall (1994).

Mia Tyler is a woman of many talents. She’s an actress, author, model, visual artist, media personality, socialite, talent manager, fashion designer, and music promoter. Phew, that’s a mouthful! Mia first made a name for herself as a VJ on House of Style. She’s also a fierce plus-size fashion model who’s breaking down barriers in the industry.

Chelsea Tyler is the youngest of the Tyler sisters. She and her husband Jon Foster recently welcomed their first child into the world. Chelsea is also a musician, just like her hubby. Looks like the Tyler family has some serious musical genes!


Are Liv, Mia, and Chelsea Tyler married?

Liv divorced her first husband Royston Langdon in 2008. She is now in a relationship with David Gardner. Mia is also divorced from drummer Dave Buckner. Chelsea Tyler is married to Jon Foster, an American actor and musician.

Do Liv, Mia, and Chelsea Tyler have any children?

Liv and Chelsea have three children while Mia has a son with Dace Buckner.

What Are The Nationalities Of Liv, Mia, and Chelsea Tyler?

Liv, Mia, and Chelsea are Americans.

How Old Are Liv, Mia, and Chelsea Tyler?

Liv Tyler was born on July 1, 1977. She is 46 years old and the eldest daughter of Steven Tyler. After her is Mia Tyler who was born on December 22, 1978. She is 45 years old. Finally, Chelsea Tyler is the youngest of the three, as she is 35 years old.

How Tall Are Liv, Mia, and Chelsea Tyler and How Much Does She Weigh?

Liv Tyler is 5ft10, or 178cm tall. Her weight is unknown. As for the rest of her siblings, their height and weight were not known.


How Much Are Liv, Mia, and Chelsea Tyler’s Net Worths?

The estimated net worth of Liv is around $20 million. Her sister Mia has an estimated net worth of $5 million and their youngest sister Chelsea earns $39,888 per year as a musician. She is also a social media star with an income of $222.75 – $371.25 per promotional post.

Liv, Mia, and Chelsea Tyler Gallery Pictures


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