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Cameron Monaghan – All the Goss on the Star of Shameless

Cameron Monaghan Overview

Cameron Monaghan, an actor and model, has starred in many prominent shows on the big screen, on tv, and on streaming channels. The most famous of these shows is Shameless where he stars as Ian Gallagher, the oft embattled and compelling teen. The other roles Cameron Monaghan plays, include The Giver and Gotham where he plays a dual character role as Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska, which are known to be the origin of the sinister villain, Joker. Even before these notable roles, Cameron Monaghan has been doing children and young teen roles including those in Click, Vampire Academy and Another Harvest Moon. As a model, he has posed for many famous clothing brands.


Cameron Monaghan filming Shameless

How old is Cameron Monaghan?

Cameron Monaghan was born on August 16, 1993. He turned 29 years old this year. He was 13 years old when he appeared as the young kid in Click alongside Adam Sandler.

What is the nationality of Cameron Monaghan?

Cameron Monaghan was born in Santa Monica, California in the United States. He is an American.

How tall is Cameron Monaghan and how much does he weigh?

Cameron Monaghan is tall as he stands around 6 feet tall. He has a lean and muscular body and weighs around 152 pounds.

Is Cameron Monaghan married or single?

Cameron Monaghan is single. He once dated the beautiful young actress Peyton List after meeting on the set of Anthem of a Teen Prophet, however they announced their split in early 2019.


How much is Cameron Monaghan’s net worth?

Cameron Monaghan’s net worth is $3 million.

Cameron Monaghan Photo Gallery

How many kids does Cameron Monaghan have?

Cameron Monaghan doesn’t have kids.

How did Cameron Monaghan die?

Cameron Monaghan didn’t die, although his character Jerome Valeska in Gotham was brought back from the dead to become one of the greatest villains, The Joker. Cameron Monaghan’s role portrayal was so compelling that people can identify with his character and how he was brought back and became obsessed with killing Batman, Bruce Wayne.

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