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Chanel West Coast’s Boyfriend Liam Horne: The truth about the Scottish singer

What everyone wants to know about Chanel West Coast’s boyfriend Liam Horne: Net Worth, Age, Height & More!

Who is Chanel West Coast’s boyfriend?

Chanel West Coast is a famous American rapper, actress, and model.  She is one of the well-known contributors to the compilation album Young Money: Rise of an Empire, which brought her into contact with Liam Horne.

This tattooed Scottish-born singer and YouTuber relocated to California in 2013, with his aim to fulfill his ambition of becoming a successful recording artist – no one can deny that this is just what he has done! Originally named William Horne, his family are Romanies, and for generations have lived by that tradition, so it must have been a surprise when young Liam actually did move across the Atlantic to America. However, his uncle had made the trip before him, making a life on the Sunshine Coast!

Liam came to prominence with Justin Bieber’s recording of Out of Town Girl, which Horne wrote in his uncle’s kitchen in L.A. His numerous hits include Tragedy and The Truth Is, and his slurred, gritty vocal performance, sliding easily up and down the scales is easily recognizable.

Chanel and Liam found a common bond with their music, and there’s little doubt that their relationship pushed his career further into the spotlight. After dating for three years, they eventually split in July 2017, with Chanel wanting to concentrate on her career.


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What else do we know about Chanel West Coast’s boyfriend?

Surprisingly (and very annoyingly) for a superstar, Liam Horne keeps his personal life very private. We do know, however, that through Graham Edwards, his kitchen-owning uncle, Liam got his first step on the stardom ladder. Edwards introduced him to an agent from the global talent agency, William Morris Endeavors – WME. After that Horne’s story becomes a convoluted cable of famous names and celeb glitteratzi. Former recording artist Rich Skillz became Horne’s manager/producer, and along with Rob Cavallo, Skillz’s business partner, they signed Horne to Capitol Records.

What is the nationality of Liam Horne?

Liam Horne was born in Scotland. The city of Aberdeen, and the surrounding area are where his extended family hail from. Following the Romany tradition, they enjoy the rural lifestyle and are a close-knit, loving family.

How tall is Liam Horne and how much does he weigh?

Standing 6 feet 10 inches tall, Liam weighs around 230 pounds. We’re not sure if the ink from his impressive collection of tattoos adds to his bodyweight!

Is Liam Horne married or single?

Liam Horne is single – although we don’t know why! Hot, successful recording artists are usually snapped up 😍😘😂


How much is Liam Horne’s net worth?

Liam Horne is said to be the most accomplished pop singer from Scotland – although we can think of several who come close – why not let us know your fave Scotts! Reports say that he has a $12 million-dollar net worth earned from his many hit recordings.

How many kids does Liam Horne have?

Liam Horne does not have children, but has plenty of nieces and nephews to keep him busy.

How old is Chanel West Coast’s boyfriend?

Liam Horne was born on July 4, 1995. Liam is currently 26-years-old. At the time he and Chanel were first together, he was only 19 years old, five years young than her. Is she a cougar? Answers on a postcard, puurlease!

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