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Who is Jackie Chan’s Son? Meet Jaycee Chan, actor and singer who made headlines for his drug offenses and estranged relationship with his father.

Find out who Jackie Chan’s son is and his rocky journey in the entertainment industry. Know about his drug charges and estranged relationship with his father.

Who is Jackie Chan’s Son?

Jaycee Chan was born as Jo-Ming Jaycee Chan and is the son of the international action star, Jackie Chan and Taiwanese actress Feng-Jiao Lin. In 2004, Jackie Chan changed his name to his Father’s original surname, Fong Si-Lung to honor him.

He attended The College of William & Mary for two semesters and pursued his career in acting and singing in Hong Kong but despite heavy promotions and awards, his movies and albums had few sales. His movie Double Trouble only grossed $9,000 in Hong Kong and was considered one of the biggest film failures ever.

In 2009, he gave up his American Citizenship in favor of his Chinese citizenship with a Hong Kong residency which he confirmed on his Instagram account.

He had an estranged relationship with his father but finally met up with him for the first time in Taiwan after serving six months in jail. He was convicted of drug offenses alongside the actor Ko Chen-tung. His father had worked as China’s anti-drug goodwill ambassador made a public apology for his son’s behavior.

After his release from prison, he made a public apology for breaking the law and promised to be a law-abiding citizen. In addition, he still has plans to continue his career in the entertainment industry but for now, he enjoys his time living with his mother in Taipei and often wears a mask whenever he goes out in public to avoid being recognized.


What is the nationality of Jaycee Chan?

Jaycee Chan is a Chinese – Hongkongese who was born in Los Angeles, California. He also has a Tawainese descent from his mother.

How old is Jaycee Chan?

Jaycee Chan was born on 3 December 1982 and he is 41 years old. His star sign is Sagittarius.

How tall is Jaycee Chan and how much does he weigh?

Jaycee Chan stands 5ft8, or 172cm tall and weighs about 152lbs, or 69kgs.

Is Jaycee Chan married or single?

There’s no information about Jaycee Chan’s marital status. However, he dated Chinese actress Fiona Sit in 2006. He may be single as of now and is currently living a low profile life in Taipei.

How much is Jaycee Chan’s net worth?

Jaycee Chan has an estimated net worth of $2 million which he earned for being an actor and a singer.


Does Jaycee Chan have any children?

None, Jaycee Chan doesn’t have any children as of this day.

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