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Jamie Clayton: From Make-Up Artist to Actress and Advocate

Uncover the inspiring story of Jamie Clayton, a talented make-up artist turned actress who broke barriers and made history in the entertainment industry.

Jamie Clayton – Her Story

Once upon a time, on 15 January 1978, Jamie was assigned male at birth. She grew up in sunny San Diego, CA with her parents. Her dad, Howard, was a defense attorney, and her mom, Shelley, was an event planner.

Jamie always had a passion for make-up, and at 19, she jetted off to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a make-up artist and to start her transition. She even landed a gig on VH1’s first makeover show, TRANSform Me, in 2010, where she co-hosted and worked her make-up magic.

But Jamie didn’t stop there. Oh no, she went on to launch her acting career the following year, snagging a lead role in the third season of HBO’s Hung. She then starred in the interactive web-series Dirty Work and was cast as Carla Favers in Are We There Yet?

Talk about a boss lady!


What’s the latest on Jamie Clayton?

Jamie Clayton has been cast in the lead role of Pinhead in the upcoming reboot of the classic horror movie, “Hellraiser” by Spyglass. This is a notable casting as it gender-reverses the iconic horror movie character and brings diversity to the role.

Jamie is an American actress and model who is best known for her role as Nomi Marks in the Netflix series “Sense8” and Sasha Booker in the third season of “Designated Survivor”. She is also a strong advocate and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

In addition to her work in “Hellraiser”, Jamie Clayton has made public appearances to promote the movie. For instance, she wore a pair of black sheer pants to the special screening of her new horror movie during the 2022 Beyond Fest. Jamie has also appeared in interviews to discuss her role in “Hellraiser”. In one such interview, she discussed her excitement for the project and how it provides her with the opportunity to bring her own interpretation to the character of Pinhead.

Jamie Clayton has maintained an active social media presence with over 570k followers on Instagram. She has used her platform to share her thoughts on important social issues and to promote her various projects.

When did Jamie Clayton transition?

Jamie, a proud transgender woman and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, started her transition back in 2003. Before fully transitioning into a woman, she auditioned for transgender roles but was turned down because she appeared too feminine! A great inspiration for many people, especially those who are still having a difficult time coming to terms with their true gender, she often speaks out on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community.

How old is Jamie Clayton?

Jamie was born on 15 January 1978. That means she is 46 years old and a Capricorn by birth. People born under the sign of the goat are determined, stubborn, and are not afraid to stand up for the underdog – just like Jamie!

How much is Jamie Clayton worth?

Jamie has a net worth of $1 million earned from her acting and makeup careers. This gives her a comfortable lifestyle, and allows her to pick and choose her acting roles.

Jamie Clayton’s Photo Gallery


Is Jamie Clayton married or single?

Although there have been some rumors that she was secretly dating Keanu Reeves for some time, there is no verifiable source confirming this. That would be so cool if she were though 😍💓💓

How tall is Jamie Clayton and much does she weigh?

Jamie is 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 121-132lbs. This is a bit of a guestimate as there are no deets available to the public

Jamie Clayton with Tuppence Middleton in Berlin


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#TBT With the gorgeous #TuppenceMiddleton in #Berlin on a bike ride last year. #DayOff #actressing #Sense8 XO

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Jamie Clayton On First Time I Saw Me: Trans Voices


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What’s the best way to contact Jamie Clayton?

If you want to contact Jamie Clayton, or are interested in learning more, get in touch with us and we’ll try to find the answers in our archives.


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