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Claire Saffitz’s Biography: Early Life, Rise to Fame, Dating Life & More

Have questions you want answering about Claire Saffitz? Look no further – find out all the news about her trendsetting hair, YouTube channel, and more!

Claire Saffitz Overview

Claire Saffitz is probably one of the most-recognized chefs globally. She was born on September 16, 1986, and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and was already fascinated by cooking at a young age. Her passion led her to Paris, eventually completing a Certification Course in Classic French Cuisine at École Grégoire Ferrandi. Being the brilliant upcoming chef that she was, she attended Harvard University soon afterwards, where she studied Culinary History and graduated in 2009 with honors. But, she didn’t stop there, shortly after, she completed her Master’s Degree at McGill University.

Today, she is well-known as the host of Gourmet Makes, a show on YouTube where she creates wonderful culinary masterpieces from junk food and childhood snacks. Claire is also popularly known for her appearances in Bon-Appetit, being the Senior Food Editor for the magazine’s publication. Because of her charm and knowledge, she is a big favorite with the audience, earning her a much-deserved status as a celebrity chef.


The recipe developer/pastry chef/professional chef/food critic has also written a few cookbooks that are sure to leave her readers drooling.

Why is Claire Saffitz leaving Bon Appetit?

Claire was known to leave her role as the Bon Appetit Editor but returned a couple of months after.

How old is Claire Saffitz?

Born on 16 September, 1986, Claire is 33 years old.

Why does Claire Saffitz have gray hair?

Claire Saffitz’s biggest definer is the iconic gray streak running through her bangs, which we can only assume she dyed herself. This has inspired a lot of her fans to create fan art and even imitate her hairstyle.

Claire Saffitz Photo Gallery

Is Claire Saffitz married or single?

Although there have been some rumors that she is dating Bon Appetit’s Test Kitchen, Brad Leone, she has neither confirmed nor denied this. Very little is known of her personal life outside of the kitchen.

What nationality is Claire Saffitz?

Claire is an American.

How much is Claire Saffitz worth?

She has an estimated net worth of $1 million

How tall is Claire Saffitz and much does she weigh?

Claire stands about 5 feet 4 inches. Her body weight is unknown.

Claire Saffitz trying to make gourmet jelly beans on her YouTube channel!

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