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All The Juice & Gossip You Need About Joe Jo: Relationships, Age, Net Worth, Height and More!

What everyone ought to know about Joe Jo: Relationships, Age, Net Worth, Height and More!

Joe Jo Overview

Joe Jo, as a YouTube sensation, entrepreneur, and vlogger grew in popularity when America was trying to embrace their millions of mixed-race civilians. Having a Japanese ethnicity, Joe Jo is very much American in terms of how he speaks, but in thoughts, ideals and videos, his heritage as an Asian-American is obviously very important to him. Although his videos are about funny experiences, ways of life, and the culture of Asians and Asian-Americans, they say much about the kind of mentality Asian people face. Most of his videos are made and delivered through his YouTube channel, which he co-founded with friend and business partner Barton Kwan (Bart). Together, they co-founded the YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms in August of 2007.

Originally, both Joe and Bart wanted to pursue careers in medicine; however, after the success of their viral videos, they decided to vlog full-time. Now, they have a number of other channels, including JustKiddingGamer, JustKiddingParty, and JustKiddingNews. They also wanted to share their success and set up an internship program for talented vloggers like them. To date, 4 million people follow Joe, as he has continued to increase fame and fortune through his videos.

Celebrity Name

The YouTube vlogger’s complete name is Joseph Masato Jitsukawa.

What is the nationality of Joe Jo?

Although Joe has lived in several countries including Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and China, he was born in America and is Asian-American.

How tall is Joe Jo and how much does he weigh?

Joe is quite tall for an Asian as he stands 5 feet 8 inches. A regular in the gym, Joe weighs around 73 kilos or 160 pounds.

Is Joe Jo married or single?

Although not married, Joe is in a serious relationship with girlfriend, Jessica Caldwell. The two started dating in 2015 and were engaged in 2016. Starring in Joe’s vlogs, Jessica has produced many short films for Joe’s JustKiddingFilms.

How much is Joe Jo’s net worth?

With his following in YouTube, his channel has been labeled B-grade with an income of a decent $103 to $1,700 thousand a month. This pushes his annual income to $1,600 to $20,000. This means that Joe has more than $2 million in net worth.

How many kids does Joe Jo have?

Joe Jo does not have any children.

What college did Joe Jo go to?

A true-blood Californian, Joe Jo took collegiate studies at East Los Angeles Community College. During college, Joe claims that he was around people who had no idea how to get going with their lives; thus, he didn’t see college transforming his life, which is why, just like Bart, he didn’t pursue medicine. After college, he tried different jobs and didn’t find happiness in any of them until he found his vlogging talent.

Who is Joe Jo dating?

For 4 years now, since 2015, he has been dating Jessica Michelle Caldwell. The two well-known vloggers live together in Los Angeles, California. They now co-produce their channel, JustKiddingFilms, and together they love dogs and travelling. The two are engaged.

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mentioning how some people want you for who you are and others you have to work for. Honestly one of my fave podcasts.

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