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Get to Know John Oliver’s Wife, Kate Norley: Their Love Story, Origins, Height, Weight, Net Worth, and More!

Discover who Kate Norley’s husband is! She’s married to award-winning comedian and TV host John Oliver. Learn more about their love story here. ??

Kate Norley – from Bravery to Motherhood💪🤰🏻

Kate Norley is the wife of award-winning British – American funny man and political commentator, John Oliver. Oliver has won numerous Emmy and Peabody Awards for his TV work. He is also the voice behind Vanity Smurf in the Smurfs film franchise. Thanks to Oliver’s acerbic wit and clever political observations, the ‘John Oliver Effect’ has influenced American politics, culture, and legislation.

Kate is an Iraqi War veteran and was a United States Army Medic. Oliver occasionally wears a 1st Cavalry Division lapel pin, in honor of her unit. Apparently, Kate joined the US Army after the 9-11 terrorist attack as she felt the need to give her own proactive reaction to the attack.

For her primary education, Kate attended Episcopal High School in Arlington County in Virginia and prides herself on being a Republican, which can be at odds with Oliver’s more leftist views. She has been an advocate for many charitable causes, concentrating on women-focused organizations.

Since leaving the army, Kate has also found time to play roles in several movies including the 2009 production Tran·si·tions. Kate Norley, John Oliver’s wife, was born on May 25, 1978. She turned 45 years old this year.


Best of Kate Norley📸

Kate Norley talks about Iraq🗣️


Who is Kate Norley’s hubby?💏🏻

Kate Norley is hitched to the hilarious comedian and TV host John Oliver. They tied the knot in October of 2011 and are frequently spotted together. But just so you know, Kate doesn’t make an appearance in this clip 😂😂😂

How did John Oliver meet Kate Norley?🥰

The two crossed paths at a Republican National Convention. John was there to film a segment for his The Daily Show in 2008, but his views were at odds with those of the speakers, and his film crew was definitely not welcome. Luckily, they managed to blend in with a group of Iraqi War Veterans, which included Kate Norley. The two hit it off and kept in touch after the Convention.

How many children does Kate Norley have?👶

Kate and John have two children – both boys. Their first, Hudson Oliver, was born in November of 2015. 3 years later, the couple welcomed their second.



Where is Kate Norley originally from?🌍

Kate Norley was born and raised in Virginia, USA. She’s a true-blue American.


What is Kate Norley’s height and weight?🤷

John Oliver and Kate Norley are both tall drinks of water. John stands at 6 feet, while Kate is 5 feet 8 inches. Kate weighs in at just under 120lbs.

What is Kate Norley’s net worth?💷

Kate has a net worth of $4.5 million, earned from her military career and acting gigs.

As Kate Norley isn’t on Twitter, here are John Oliver’s latest Tweets📲

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