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Anchorwoman Juliet Huddy’s Life Story📖

Little known facts about Juliet Huddy – all you need to know about her relationships, net worth, height, weight and everything you can think of!

Who is Juliet Huddy?🤩

Juliet AnnMarie Huddy is an American news anchor, reporter, and TV personality. Born in Florida on 27 September 1969, her father, John Huddy is a TV producer while her mother, Erica Huddy is a singer.

Juliet attended and, in 1987, graduated from Langley High School, going on to study at the University of Missouri, and gained a degree in Political Science. Aged 23, she started her journalism career, reporting for KARO-FM’s morning newscast. Her parents owned a station called KADY-TV, which she joined shortly after moving cross country to California. She worked there for five years before resigning, after winning numerous ADDY awards.

Her career totally kicked-off when in 1998 when she gained a position at Fox News Channel.


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What happened to Juliet Huddy?😲

Unfortunately, after 20 years with the Fox News Channel, Juliet departed in 2017 when she came forward with claims of sexual harassment against her co-host, Bill O’Reilly. She has recently opened up regarding the lawsuit that she settled with 21st Century Fox. As stated in sources, Juliet is the second of five women who have settled out of court with O’Reilly with the topic of sexual harassment on the table – makes you think, doesn’t it!

Juliet Huddy’s height and her weight?🤷

Juliet stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 141lbs.

What is doing Juliet Huddy now?⌚

After her controversial departure from the Fox News Channel, following her interview with Megyn Kelly detailing her sexual harassment claims against ex-Fox Channel anchorman, Bill O’Reilly, Juliet co-hosted on 770 WABC Radio in NYC and is still there. She also has her own podcast called Juliet: UNEXPECTED.

The 2019 movie Bombshell depicts Juliet Huddy’s alleged sexual harassment claims, along with those of other women from the Fox News Network. Jennifer Morrison plays Huddy, and Charlize Theron is Megyn Kelly.

Is Juliet Huddy married?💏🏻

Juliet was not always lucky in the love department. She was briefly married to Doug Barrett of Entertainment Weekly. She went on to have three divorces. Today, she is happily in her 4th marriage with musician John Fattoruso.


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How much is Juliet Huddy’s net worth?💷

Being a go-getter and one of the most successful news communicators of our time, her net worth is around $2 million.


What nationality is Juliet Huddy?🌍

The beautiful blonde is of American nationality.

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