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Kamilla Kowal: Rising Star of Canadian TV and Film Industry

Discover rising star Kamilla Kowal, Canadian actress, model, and social media personality. Best known for her role in Letterkenny and supporting roles in other films. Follow her on Instagram for fashion inspiration.

Kamilla Kowal – The Triple Threat

Move over, triple chocolate cake. Kamilla Kowal is the new triple threat in town. This Canadian actress, model, and social media personality has been making waves in the entertainment industry. Before she graced our screens, Kamilla was a model. But now, she’s best known for her role as Bonnie McMurray in the Canadian television sitcom Letterkenny. She’s been a part of the franchise since its first season in 2016, and we can’t get enough of her.

But wait, there’s more! Kamilla isn’t just a one-hit wonder. She’s also appeared in other films with supporting roles. You might have caught her in the 2018 Canadian comedy-drama film The New Romantic or the Canadian thriller film American Hangman in 2019. This girl is on fire!

Kamilla’s fanbase is growing by the day, thanks to her acting chops and social media presence. She’s not afraid to show off her stunning looks on Instagram, and we’re not complaining. In fact, some of her posts are paid partnerships with different brands, particularly in fashion. We can’t wait to see what this triple threat has in store for us next. Keep slaying, Kamilla!


Is Kamilla Kowal single or married?

Kamilla Kowal is currently dating Luke McCaw, a former hockey player and college graduate.


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How tall is Bonnie McMurray?

Bonnie McMurray is Kamilla Kowal’s character in Letterkenny. She is 5 feet 6 inches/167cm tall.

See Kamilla Kowal as Bonnie McMurray in this scene from Letterkenny!

Here Kamilla talks about playing the role of Bonnie:


Bonnie is McMurray’s little sister. He believes Bonnie and Wayne would make a good couple. Bonnie likes Wayne but Wayne thinks the age difference is too much. Many of the show’s characters admire Bonnie including Katy, Daryl, and Dan.


Rumours have been circulating online that suggest Kamilla Kowal may have had lip injections or facial cosmetic surgery. She has refused to confirm or deny this and speculation continues.


In June 2020 Kamilla Kowal teamed up with BookCameo to donate all of the proceeds from her work with them to NAACP, the grass-roots civil rights organisation. This was to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.



How many kids does Kamilla Kowal have?

Kamilla Kowal does not have children and is especially private on matters of family life.


Kamilla Kowal is also active on TikTok and regularly uploads short vlogs about her life to her 65k followers.


@kamillakowal Happy Sunday y’all #jaypitts #outfit ♬ Black Tesla – JayPitts

How old is Kamilla Kowal?

Born on July 17th 1997, Kamilla Kowal is 26  years old. She has the zodiac sign of Cancer. She was born in Ontario and attended St. Benedict Catholic School for secondary education in Cambridge, Canada.

What is Kamilla Kowal’s estimated net worth?

Kamilla Kowal’s estimated net worth is around $400k.

Fun Facts

She studied English Literature at college

She likes the band Hozier

She has a cactus called Penelope

She likes the Real Housewives of New Jersey

She likes coffee

She likes gnocchi

She likes ice hockey and supports the Toronto Maple Leafs

She has read the Great Gatsby

She likes actor Seth Rogan

Her first Twitter account was suspended.

Kamilla Kowal’s latest Tweets

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