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Roddy McDowall: A Life in Film and Television

Uncover the life of American actor Roddy McDowall, from child model to Hollywood star. Learn about his iconic roles in films like Cleopatra and The Poseidon Adventure.

Roddy McDowall: The Actor with an Open Secret

Roddy McDowall was a child model turned American actor who started his career at the tender age of 10. He starred in several films, including Murder in the Family, Scruffy, Convict 99, and I See Ice, all released in 1938. In 1940, he moved to the United States and became a citizen in 1949. His first American film was the 1941 thriller Man Hunt, but he gained fame in How Green Was My Valley, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. McDowall also appeared in Cleopatra, The Poseidon Adventure, Fright Night, and A Bug’s Life. He was also a regular on television and in theatre performances. In 1999, his last voice acting role was posthumously aired in the episode “DeadLoch” of Godzilla: The Series. McDowall’s life was an open secret, but his talent was no secret at all.


What was Roddy McDowall’s real name?

The actor’s name was Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowall, known as Roddy McDowall.

Here is Roddy McDowall in a rare interview on The Andy Williams Show in 1966. He talks about his early film career and shows highlights from his new book of photographs.

What kind of car did Roddy McDowall drive in Colombo?

Roddy McDowall’s character Roger Stanford, in the episode ‘Short Fuse’ of the series Columbo, drove a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona.

However, Columbo fans remember Roddy’s trousers more than the car!

The Columbophile wrote: “All jokes aside, when the lasting memory of an episode revolves more around ridiculous trousers than a gripping plot, you know you’ve got trouble.”

Here are the trousers in question:

What character did Roddy McDowall play in A Bug’s Life?

Roddy McDowall voiced Mr. Soil in the movie A Bug’s Life.

See this classic scene from A Bug’s Life!

When did Roddy McDowall die?

Roddy McDowall died of pancreatic cancer, at his home in Los Angeles on October 3rd 1998.

How old is Roddy McDowall?

Roddy McDowall was 70 years old when he died at his Los Angeles home. His friend Dennis Osborne had cared for him, he said: “It was very peaceful. It was just as he wanted it. It was exactly the way he planned”. His friends and co-stars shared messages of sympathy including Elizabeth Taylor and Angela Lansbury.

According to the Irish Times, Roddy McDowall appeared in several British films before he was evacuated to the US at 11 years old during the Blitz. Hollywood movie producers were apparently impressed with his speaking skills and youthful appearance.


Is Roddy McDowall single or married?

Roddy McDowall was never married.

Why didn’t Roddy McDowall get married?

According to Daily Beast, Roddy McDowall lived a “fairly undisguised gay life” and his LGBT lifestyle was an open secret in Hollywood, however, he never came out in his lifetime.

How many kids does Roddy McDowall have?

Roddy McDowall never had any children.

What is Roddy McDowall’s nationality?

Roddy McDowall was born in London, England. He was evacuated to American during the WWII german bombardment of Britain.

What is Roddy McDowall’s estimated net worth?

Roddy McDowall’s estimated net worth was around $5 million.



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