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Mike Tyson’s Son, Miguel Leon Tyson – Carrying the Legacy!

What people want to know about Mike Tyson’s Son, Miguel Leon Tyson: His successful career as a pro boxer, and the highs and lows of his Dad’s life in the ring.

Who is Mike Tyson’s Son?

Miguel Leon Tyson is famous for being the son of former professional boxer Mike Tyson. The undisputed world heavyweight champion, Tyson is also known for being the youngest heavyweight champion of his time.

There are shadows, however, that mar his reputation, including serving a 3-year prison term for rape – originally convicted for 6 years, and biting off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997.

It was reported that Miguel could follow in his father’s legendary footsteps after he uploaded a video of an impressive boxing display onto his Instagram account. There’s very little information about Miguel’s childhood, and he keeps his personal life private, but it seems like there will be a lot more to come.





What is the nationality of Miguel Leon Tyson?

Miguel Leon Tyson is American.

How old is Miguel Leon Tyson?

Miguel’s exact date of birth has been kept away from the media, but he was born in 2002.

How tall is Miguel Leon Tyson and how much does he weigh?

Miguel Leon Tyson’s vital statistics haven’t been released.

Is Miguel Leon Tyson married or single?

Miguel Leon Tyson’s relationship status is unknown, but we’re watching out for the tiniest details so we can bring you the latest!

How much is Miguel Leon Tyson’s net worth?

Miguel Leon Tyson’s net worth is not known to the public, but his father, Mike Tyson, has an estimated worth of $3 million. Mike Tyson accrued more than $300 million throughout his career but he ended up losing it all, and in 2003, filed for bankruptcy.


Does Miguel Leon Tyson have any children?

Miguel Leon Tyson doesn’t have any children.

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