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Get to Know Nazanin Mandi: Hollywood Star, Model, and Brand Endorser with a Stunning Voice and Latin-American Features.

Find out who Nazanin Mandi is, the Hollywood star who captured hearts worldwide with her stunning voice and Latin-American features. Follow her on Instagram and see her modeling work in top magazines.

Nazanin Mandi – Singer, Actress, Model

Nazanin Mandi is more than one thing, since she is a Hollywood and world-renowned name in fashion, acting, and singing. Before her breakthrough in Hollywood, she forayed first in the highly popular singing competition American Idol. Although Nazanin Mandi wasn’t the overall American Idol champion, she sang well into the late stages of the competition and was adored by fans the world over. With a combination of Latin-American and Iranian features, this singer is a highly sought model as well. Furthermore, her success in the singing industry has led her to star in other shows such as Rockstar Academy, How to Make a Reality Star, and The Platinum Life. Nazanin was also a guest star in the show Shahs of Sunset

As early as 2-years-old, Nazanin was already singing, and her first singing performance was at the Carnegie Hall. As a model, she has been featured in popular magazines such as Seventeen, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Allure, GQ India, and Cosmo Girl. Nazanin has also made an appearance in That’s So Raven, which is a Disney television show. Nazanin is truly a world-class and multitalented celebrity.

Nazanin Mandi gets back into the sound booth to nail her new track


Who is Nazanin Mandi?

Nazanin Mandi is a Hollywood star who rose to fame through the popular reality TV show, American Idol. Although she didn’t win the competition, she won the hearts of millions worldwide with her stunning voice that perfectly complemented her Latin-American features. She’s also a brand endorser, having worked with big names like Microsoft and Ecko Unlimited, and has a massive following on Instagram. As a model, she’s graced the pages of top magazines like Sports Illustrated and Vogue. With her tan complexion and beautiful singing voice, Nazanin is a standout. And let’s not forget her star-worthy personality!

What is the nationality of Nazanin Mandi?

Nazanin’s father, Ali Reza Mandighomi, is Iranian, while her mother, Luz Cecilia Saenz, is of Mexican descent. Although Nazanin is of Iranian and Mexican ancestry, she was born in Valencia, California in the United States. She is, therefore, American.

What are Nazanin Mandi’s weight & height?

Nazanin may only be 5 feet 4 inches tall; however, her stunning and curvaceous body makes her a great model. She weighs around 125 pounds.

Nazanin Mandi shows off her incredible outfit and curves 😍

How much is Nazanin Mandi’s net worth?

With Nazanin Mandi making a good fortune from television, acting, singing, and modeling, it comes as no surprise that her net worth is around $10 million.

Is Nazanin Mandi married or single?

Nazanin is happily married to a singer just like her. The lucky man is no other than famous Grammy Award-winning singer Miguel Jontel Pimentel. As early as 2005, the couple had been dating; after 11 years of being together, they got engaged in 2016 and finally tied the knot on November 24, 2018.

Nazanin Mandi with her husband Miguel Jontel Pimentel


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How many kids does Nazanin Mandi have?

Nazanin and Miguel Jontel have yet to have children.

When is Nazanin Mandi’s birthday?

Nazanin Mandi was born on September 11, 1986. This means that Nazanin Mandi will is currently 37 years old.

Nazanin Mandi’s last post before turning 35!

Best Of The Beautiful Nazanin Mandi

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