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Myra Kraft: American, Lithuanian Jewish descent, married to Robert Kraft, mother of 4 sons. Net worth and vital stats undisclosed.

Learn about Myra Kraft’s nationality, marriage to Robert Kraft, and children. Her net worth and vital statistics were not disclosed.

Who was Robert Kraft’s Wife?💏🏻

Myra Kraft was a famous philanthropist and the wife of Robert Kraft who is the owner of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution who was recently charged with allegedly soliciting a prostitute.

She attended Bancroft School in Worcester and Brandeis University with a degree in History.

Myra and Robert have donated millions of dollars in promoting American football in Israel Stadium in Jerusalem. In 1998, the late Myra Kraft created the Community Quarterback Awards to recognize outstanding community volunteers and present them with a grant for their nonprofits. In addition, they also founded the Israeli Football League.

She became the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation president, an organization supporting philanthropic agencies all over New England. She was regarded as the “matriarch of the franchise” because of her work with the foundation.

In 2011, she succumbed to cancer, and public services were held at the Temple Emanuel located in Newton, Massachusetts. Myra Kraft was 68 at the time of her death. She was born on December 27, 1942, and died on July 20, 2011. Her star sign was Capricorn.

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What was Myra Kraft’s nationality? 🌍

Myra Kraft was a true blue American, born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. She had Lithuanian Jewish roots, which probably made her a mean latke.

How tall was Myra Kraft and what did she weigh? 🤷

Sorry to disappoint, but Myra Kraft’s vital stats were never made public. We can only assume she was the perfect height and weight for a billionaire’s wife.

Was Myra Kraft single or married when she died? 💏🏻

Myra Kraft was happily married to billionaire businessman Robert Kraft until her passing in 2011. They tied the knot in 1963 while she was studying at Brandeis University. Talk about a power couple!

What was Myra Kraft’s net worth? 💷

We can’t say for sure what Myra Kraft’s net worth was, but we do know that her husband Robert Kraft is worth a cool $6.9 billion. He’s the owner of the New England Patriots, so we’re guessing they never have to worry about buying their own tickets.

Did Myra Kraft have any children with Robert Kraft? 👶

Yes, Myra and Robert Kraft were proud parents to four sons: Jonathan, Daniel, Joshua, and David. With a last name like Kraft, we’re guessing they never had to worry about running out of mac and cheese.


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