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Who is Roni Rose? The Model Behind the Viral Warriors Game Photo with Steph Curry

Identify who Roni Rose is, the model who went viral for her photo at a Golden State Warriors game. Learn about the controversy and her side of the story.

Who on Earth is Roni Rose?

If you’re not familiar with Roni Rose, let me fill you in. She’s a model who became an internet sensation after a photo of her at a Golden State Warriors basketball game went viral in 2016. Now, there’s been a lot of debate about what exactly makes this photo so captivating. Some say it’s the seductive pose she struck, while others think it’s the fact that she was wearing a blue crop top and yellow skirt. Personally, I think it’s because she was beckoning Steph Curry, which caused quite a stir.

Now, before you start thinking Roni is a home-wrecker, let me remind you that Steph Curry is happily married to Ayesha Curry. But that didn’t stop fans and the media from hurling all kinds of accusations at Roni. She’s denied any wrongdoing and insists that the photo was misinterpreted. According to her, she was just enjoying her drink and supporting her team like any other fan.

Despite all the drama, Roni is still a regular at Warriors games and can often be seen sporting the team’s colors. So, there you have it. Roni Rose: model, basketball fan, and internet sensation.


Where is Roni Rose?

Roni herself alleges that the image was captured on a fan video taken without her knowledge, at a basketball match in round two of the 2016 NBA finals, between her team, the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Other sources claim the stills are from video images taken by ABC News cameras.

Though the pose was clearly distracting with Steph obviously captivated by Roni, it clearly didn’t hinder his play as The Warriors went on to win the match. Although they did miss out on reclaiming their 2015 championship title, losing in the final which was won 4-3 by the Cavaliers who made up for their defeat the previous year.

What are the rumors about Roni Rose?

Since the viral shot took the internet by storm and made its way to the headlines of several online news sources, Roni has been accused of hiding some pretty heavy secrets, with speculation rife that she was once even involved in an illegal prostitution ring!

Dominic Salazar, the man accused of fronting the operation with a modeling and photography business has reportedly been linked to Roni, who eagle-eyed internet users claim to have identified using another Instagram account. Under just her second name ‘Rose’, Roni is rumored to have used this alternate account to promote the shady company on a regular basis, although it appears posts from the account have since been deleted.

Her response was typically bold – and why not? “Come on media, it’s gonna take a lot more to break me. To pin prostitution on me can’t be the best y’all can come up with. If we are going to entertain the minds of gullible people, give them a better story; this was pretty much predictable. But while I’m still a hot topic I got a dance workshop and Bball tournament…fans come on out.”

Roni Rose was once an escort & exotic dancer:


Who is Roni Rose engaged to?

Roni Rose said ‘yes’ to her manager Jay King, who brazenly popped the question in front of a live audience. Roni found herself with further fame thanks to Jay‘s spontaneous proposal, which was aptly timed, occurring during another Warriors game!

Roni with Jay

What is Roni Rose’s nationality?

The model’s birthplace is Livermore, California making her American.

How old is Roni Rose?

Roni was born on the 23rd of November 1988 and is presently 35 years of age. She is a Sagittarius, which explains her confident attitude and fun-loving, enthusiastic character.


How tall is Roni Rose?

Somewhat shorter than the average model, Roni stands at 1.64 meters tall (5”3) and weighs 61 kilograms (9.6 stone). However, her lack of height is more than made up for by her larger-than-life attitude.

How much is Roni Rose’s net worth?

Roni Rose’s estimated net worth is between $1-5 million, which she has earned from her modeling career and celeb status.

Roni Rose Photo Gallery

Roni’s latest Tweets:

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