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Discovering the Muse Behind Steve Perry’s Hit Song: Who is Sherrie Swafford?

See who Sherrie Swafford is, the former girlfriend of Steve Perry, lead singer of Journey. Learn how she inspired his biggest solo hit, “Oh Sherrie”.

Who is Sherrie Swafford?

Sherrie Swafford is the lucky lady who inspired Steve Perry’s biggest solo hit, Oh Sherrie. The song even features her in the music video, which is pretty impressive considering most of us can’t even get a text back. The song was a hit in both the pop and rock charts in 1984, proving that Sherrie was not only a muse but also a good luck charm.

Back in Journey’s heyday, Sherrie and Steve were the ultimate power couple, strolling hand in hand at festivals and laughing together like they were in a cheesy rom-com. Unfortunately, their love story didn’t have a happy ending. The couple split up in 1985, which was a tough year for Steve as he also lost his mother. Talk about a double whammy. Two years later, Steve left Journey and Sherrie faded into obscurity. But we’ll always have “Oh Sherrie” to remind us of their brief but beautiful love story.

Steve Perry’s song about Sherrie (official video starring Sherrie herself)


How did Steve Perry meet Sherrie Swafford?

It is not clear how Steve and Sherrie first met although it seems their romance began long before the overwhelming success of Steve Perry’s band took hold. From all accounts, it appears that they were childhood sweethearts, although both Sherrie and Steve are secretive about their relationship.

What happened to Steve Perry and Sherrie Swafford?

Although neither Steve nor Sherrie like discussing their former relationship, it was rumored that Steve and Sherrie’s young relationship became troubled with a spate of rows, resulting from the inevitable pressure the success of Journey was taking on Steve and his touring commitments weighing heavily on both of them. To this day, they both maintain they were very much in love and have never spoken with anything but affection for one other, but it seems there was hurt on both sides which hasn’t subsided over the years.

Steve Perry with Sherrie Swafford many years ago:

Where is Sherrie Swafford now?

Sherrie remains in the US, these days working as both a yoga teacher and an esthetician, providing treatments including facials, hair care, and makeup. Not being married, she has no children and has opted to adopt many pets instead, although she has had several romantic partners over the years. Not one for the limelight, she prefers to live her life as privately as possible focusing on the care of her plants and animals now, somewhat of a recluse.

What is Sherrie Swafford’s nationality?

Sherrie was born in the USA however it isn’t known within which state she grew up.

How old is Sherrie Swafford?

Although it is well known that Steve Perry was born in 1949, he is now -1 his former girlfriend’s age remains a mystery to this day.


What is the height and weight of Sherrie Swafford?

Though there are no exact measurements detailing Sherrie’s height or weight due to her aversion to the public eye, from the limited appearances Sherrie has made, she maintains a great body shape and clearly looks after herself.

Sherrie Swafford Photo Gallery

Does Sherrie Swafford have an estimated net worth?

Sherrie earns an estimated $40,000 annually, though her overall net worth is estimated at only $100,000, a far cry from her former partners’.

Steve Perry’s latest Tweets

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Looking for more info about Sherrie Swafford?

Click here to learn everything there is to know – we will go through our archives and find all the info you need, whether it’s her past life or her personal contact.


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