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Stephen Root: Actor and Voiceover Master

Uncover the man behind the voice of your favorite animated characters! Read about Stephen Root’s acting career and his talent for voice acting.

Stephen Root – The Man Behind the Voice

Stephen Root is like a chameleon of the acting world, blending into different roles with ease. He’s been around since 1986, when he played King Vaughnum III in the Broadway play So Long on Lonely Street. He’s also been in All My Sons, where he portrayed Frank Lubey. But it wasn’t until 1988 that he made his debut in the film industry as a DEA Agent in the action comedy film Crocodile Dundee II. He even made a cameo in the famous 1990 romantic thriller film Ghost.

But let’s not forget his most notable role until the 1990s – Jimmy James in the sitcom television series NewsRadio. And if that wasn’t enough, Stephen Root also has a talent for voice acting. He’s lent his voice to characters in Ice Age, Finding Nemo, Kim Possible, Gravity Falls, and many more animated films, series, and video games. The man’s got range!


Why is Stephen Root uncredited King of the Hill?

It has been reported that Stephen Root was uncredited on the first seasons of King of the Hill because his contract with NewsRadio did not allow accreditation on another network’s show. NewsRadio ended in 1999 and Stephen Root was then able to be credited for King of the Hill.

Was Stephen Root on Seinfeld?

Stephen Root played Mr. Lager in the TV series Seinfeld from 1989 to 1998.

What voices does Stephen Root do?

See all of Stephen Roots accredited voiceover roles here. 

His best known roles are:

Bill Dauterive and Buck Strickland in King of the Hill

Frank in Ice Age

Bubbles in Finding Nemo

Dick Reynolds in American Dad

What has Stephen Root been in?

Stephen is probably best known for the following roles:

As Jimmy James in the sitcom NewsRadio.

Milton Waddams in the film Office Space (1999).



The voices of Bill Dauterive and Buck Strickland on King of the Hill (1997–2010)

Capt. K’Vada in Star Trek: The Next Generation two-part episode “Unification” (1991)

Mr. Lund in O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Gordon Pibb in DodgeBall (2004)


Hawthorne Abendsen in seasons 2–4 of the series The Man in the High Castle

Jim Hudson in Get Out (2017)

Here is Stephen talking about his many film roles:


Is Stephen Root single or married?

Stephen Root married Glee star Romy Rosemont on December 14th 2008.

Stephen and Romy co-starred together in many TV shows like Masters of Sex and Fringe. In 2011 the couple were to star again together in the horror film Red Statem, however, Rosemont was working on Glee at the time and was forced to step down.

He was divorced by Laura Joan Hase in 1997 after around 13 years of marriage.


How many kids does Stephen Root have?

Stephen Root has a son with his first wife Laura Joan Hase named Cody Root who is also an actor. Cody is best known for his role in Eye for Eye as Spike Howard.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Cody Root (@_codyroot_)

How tall is Stephen Root and how much does he weigh?

Stephen Root stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall. He weighs around 165 pounds.

What is Stephen Root’s estimated net worth?

Stephen Root’s estimated net worth is around $6 million.

In 2018 the couple gave a peek inside their home in Sherman Oaks, California, when they renovated a spare bedroom.

Romy was using the spare room as a closet and guest room, but she wanted a Hollywood dressing room/office space instead. Designer Lauren Krieger was brought in to work her interior design magic. The new room has Romy’s choice of mid-century modern design.

Here is the room before:


And here is the space after:

How old is Stephen Root?

Born on November 17th 1951, Stephen Root is 77 years old.




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