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Tom Holland’s Relationship with Olivia Bolton: What We Know So Far

Get the inside scoop on Tom Holland’s rumored girlfriend, Olivia Bolton. Learn about their long-time friendship and recent breakup.

Who is Olivia Bolton? The Mystery Blonde Linked to Spiderman Star Tom Holland

Tom Holland, aka Spiderman, has always been tight-lipped about his personal life. But when photos of him and a mysterious blonde girl surfaced, fans went wild with speculation. Some even thought that Tom and his Spiderman co-star Zendaya were secretly dating. Well, it turns out that the blonde in question is Olivia Bolton, a family friend of Tom’s.

Not much is known about Olivia, but we did some digging and found out that she and Tom have been friends since they were kids. They recently realized that they had a special connection and were spotted together at the Hyde Park Festival in London. But alas, their romance was short-lived. Tom and Olivia broke up after nine months of dating, citing personal reasons.

So, sorry Tomdaya fans, it looks like Tom and Zendaya are just friends. But who knows, maybe Tom will swing into a new romance soon. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any new developments in his love life.


What does Olivia Bolton do for a living?

Olivia works for a digital production company located in London. However, her exact position is undisclosed.

Who Did Olivia Bolton date?

Olivia Bolton has had no other relationships that the public is aware of.

What nationality is Olivia Bolton?

Olivia Bolton’s family is a close friend of Holland’s family and has spent part of her life living in the Nottingham area where Holland is from. She is British.

How old is Olivia Bolton?

Olivia is a recent college graduate and was born in 1996 which makes her in between 28 years old.

How tall is Olivia Bolton and how much does she weigh?

No information can be found on any of the social media outlets about her height and weight.


How much is Olivia Bolton’s net worth?

Bolton’s net worth is at approximately 300 thousand dollars.

Is Olivia Bolton single or married?

Olivia is currently single as she and Tom reportedly broke up in July 2020.

Does Olivia Bolton have any children?

No, Olivia is single at the moment and doesn’t have any kids.

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