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Everything you need to know about Tytyana Miller: Relationship Status, Net Worth, Measurements and More!

The best way to find out all you need to know about Tytyana Miller: Boyfriend, Net Worth, Measurements & more!

Tytyana Miller Overview

Tytyana Miller, who goes by the nickname Tata, is the daughter of Master P, a famous and critically acclaimed rapper who has made millions in his career. However, in spite of these things going her way, Tata has not always been a happy child, became distressed when her parents divorced. At the height of her parent’s divorce, she decided to run away from home and eventually turned to drugs to ease the pain of her personal problems. It is no secret that Tata has had a drug problem, as she made known in one episode of a reality TV show. Interestingly, her mother, Sonya Miller, was a drug dependent herself. In that same episode, her father told her to fix herself in whatever ways or means she can. Tytyana then decided to talk to her siblings and came to the resolution to get her act right.

These controversies were probably highlighted even more since her parents were one of pop industry’s formidable couples, married 24 years prior to the divorce. The divorce turned ugly as cases were filed, due to Sonya’s stake in her husband’s fortune. At one point, Tata mentioned that her mother’s problems were not financial but drug-related. Tytyana has, for almost a decade now, pursued a career in acting, while her siblings Romeo and Cymphonique have blooming careers in the recording industry. One of her major roles was in the film A Mother’s Choice in 2010.

What is the nationality of Tytyana Miller?

Tytyana is an American as she was born in the United States.

How tall is Tytyana Miller and how much does she weigh?

Tytyana is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs around 120 pounds.

Is Tytyana Miller married or single?

Tytyana is single.

How much is Tytyana Miller’s net worth?

Although Tytyana’s net worth is more or less $1 million dollars, it pales in comparison to her father’s net worth which stands at $360 million from his record deals, labels, businesses, and other financial pursuits.

How many kids does Tytyana Miller have?

Tytyana has no kids.

Tytyana Miller On What Drugs?

The celebrity has been quite open with her drug problems, confessing to her father, Master P, about it. She alleges that her parent’s divorce is one of the main reasons why she turned to drugs. She narrated her drug woes to her father in one of the episodes of Growing Up Hip Hop, her father’s reality television show.

Who is Tytyana Miller’s mom?

She is the daughter of famous rap artist Percy Robert Miller, better known as Master P. Master P has a total of 14 albums that have been sold millions throughout the world. He was also a former basketball player. Tytyana’s mother is a well-known rapper herself. She is no other than Sonya Miller. The record labels and albums she has made include True to the Game, Da Crime Family, Married to the Mob, and many other albums that speak of gangster-musician-rapper life.

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