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Who is Vanilla Ice? The 90s rap legend turned actor and TV host with a huge underground following. A testament to reinvention and success.

See who Vanilla Ice is, the famous American rapper, actor, and TV host. From his hit song Ice Ice Baby to his successful reality show, he’s a true reinvention success story.

Who is Vanilla Ice?

Ah, Vanilla Ice. The man, the myth, the legend. If you were a kid or teenager in the 90s, you definitely knew who this rap sensation was. With his catchy tune “Ice Ice Baby” and his matinee looks, Vanilla Ice quickly became a household name. But did you know that he’s also been an actor and a television host? Talk about a triple threat.

Vanilla Ice’s career has had its ups and downs since the 90s, but he still has a huge underground following. Maybe it’s because he’s just so darn cool. Or maybe it’s because he’s a master of reinvention.

Fun fact: Vanilla Ice never actually met his biological father, but he was raised by his mother and stepfather. He started rapping and breakdancing at the age of 13, and his standout talent as a Caucasian musician and breakdancer earned him the name Vanilla Ice.

In 2009, Vanilla Ice launched his reality TV show, the Vanilla Ice Project. He and his crew worked to improve houses to be sold and lived on, and the show was such a hit that it’s been on the air for nine years already. Who knew Vanilla Ice had such a knack for home improvement?

Right, so to summarize. Vanilla Ice: rapper, actor, television host, and home improvement guru. Is there anything this man can’t do? Check out his website for more info on his latest projects.


What is Vanilla Ice’s real name?

Vanilla Ice’s real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle.

What is the nationality of Vanilla Ice?

Vanilla Ice was born in Dallas, Texas. He is American.

How tall is Vanilla Ice and how much does he weigh?

Vanilla Ice stands 6 feet tall. He has kept a good physique and weighs 180 pounds.

Is Vanilla Ice married or single?

Vanilla Ice’s wife’s name is Laura Giaritta. Laura filed for a divorce in 2016. They got married in 1997. Ice was known to have dated the pop singing legend Madonna in the early 90s.

How much is Vanilla Ice’s net worth?

From Ice’s earnings in television and music recording, he has an estimated net worth of $20 million.


Where does Vanilla Ice live?

Ever since his teenage years, Vanilla Ice has lived in Miami. To this date, he has his abode in Florida.

What happened to Vanilla Ice?

Many things have happened to Vanilla Ice. His scuffles with his wife have long been documented as he has been arrested a couple of times for allegedly beating his wife. Although his wife Laura would claim that Ice didn’t really harm her, Ice has been castigated for his unruly behavior.

Ice has faced copyright infringement charges, and been arrested for brandishing a gun as well. Not too long ago, Ice was caught stealing odd items from an uninhabited house. Some of the things he stole included a bicycle, pool heater, and some furniture. Ice has done community service as a consequence of his actions. Perhaps, Ice’s star sign, which is Scorpio, explains his passionate and ambitious personality.

Vanilla Ice and Guy Fieri show off their slick whips

Vanilla Ice’s beach house project!

This is the Beach house we built… #VIP #vanillaiceproject

Posted by Vanilla Ice on Friday, April 10, 2020





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