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Kevin Simshauser’s Post-Laguna Beach Career: Real Estate & Love ???

Discover what Kevin Simshauser has been up to since leaving Laguna Beach. He’s now a managing partner for The Phix, a real estate company in Arizona.

Who is Kevin Simshauser?😲

Kevin Simshauser is a former model, now working as an estate agent who appeared on the second season of the reality TV show Laguna Beach, MTV’S short-lived series centered on the lives of teenagers in Orange County. Kevin grabbed the public’s interest when his romance with Taylor Cole captured audiences’ hearts. After meeting in 2005, the couple sealed their wedding vows in 2015, with a daughter, Tatum, arriving three years later. Kevin’s date of birth is September 13th, 1986 making him currently 37 years of age. He falls under the star sign of Virgo.

Kevin Simshauser Snapshots📸


Kevin and Taylor’s Laguna Beach reunion wedding💏🏻

Kevin and Taylor certainly didn’t let their fans’ hopes down, marrying in a glitzy, sunshine-drenched ceremony at the La Quinta Resort in California in 2015, alongside their two former show Laguna Beach members, Alex Murrel and Morgan Souders, who were reunited as Taylor’s bridesmaids.

The day played out perfectly with Taylor later on posting via her account, “There aren’t words to describe the most incredible weekend of our lives”.

Wearing a modest and sophisticated Jenny Packham flowing gown for the Instagram-worthy event, Taylor clearly wanted an all-white affair with guests in attendance coordinating her color preference. Souders and Murrel’s own white maxi dresses and boho flower hair adornments complemented the gorgeous outdoor setting perfectly.

Kevin & Taylor’s wedding day💍:

Proud dad🥰

With the arrival of their daughter Tatum in 2018, the Simshauser-Cole family is now truly established, although the baby doesn’t seem to share either parents’ name. Posting on Instagram, Taylor welcomed her with an adorable shot of the new dad, smiling down at his tiny daughter with obvious pride, who appeared to be beaming back up at him.  “Our baby girl, Tatum Woods is here,” Cole captioned the post, complete with a love heart emoji.

Kevin with his children👶:

What’s Kevin Simshauser been up to since leaving Laguna Beach?🏖️

It’s been a whopping fifteen years since the show that brought Kevin and his wife Taylor together wrapped up, but the memories still linger. Thankfully, the two have been busy building impressive careers for themselves. Taylor has become a sought-after photographer, specializing in capturing the magic of weddings and everyday life. Meanwhile, Kevin has been crushing it as a managing partner for The Phix, a real estate company based in Arizona. It seems like their independent careers have only made their relationship stronger, and they’re happier than ever. Want to see for yourself? Check out their Instagram pages: Taylor’s is @taylorcolephoto and Kevin’s is @kevinsimshauser.

What nationality is Kevin’s Simshauser?🌍

Kevin is an American and was born in the Pacific Northwest, although little else is known about his early life with Kevin preferring to maintain some mystery – even going so far as to keep his Instagram account private, though photos have been leaked from it on more than one occasion.

How tall is Kevin and how much does he weigh?🤷

Kevin is believed to be around 1.8 meters or 5’11’ tall and weigh 81 kilograms or around 178 lbs.


What is Kevin Simshauser’s current net worth?💷

With his combined television and property earnings, he is worth a cool $1,000,000. Not bad for a former MTV reality star, although Taylor still is the better earner of the two, with $1.3 million in the bank!

Kevin Simshauser’s recent tweets📲

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How to get in touch with Kevin Simshauser?☎️

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